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Our revolutionary denim laundry system which offers an endless range of worn-in denim aesthetics, consciously. Mimics bleach effects without the actual use of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, the people working with them, and the people wearing the end

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Light-weight denim fabrics collection designed for functionality featuring diverse compositions,
weaves, looks, hand-feels, and characters.

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Soorty’s recycled cotton products brands.
We are revolutionizing textile production by recycling discarded fabrics into regenerative cotton.


Soorty’s proprietary combination of process innovations and technologies in laundry finishing that use no stones, no bleach, only ZDHC approved chemicals, 40% less energy and 10% of the water of conventional finishes. 



Soorty x Garmon

A future proof innovation

revolutionizing denim laundry…

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Our design system for developing sustainable products based on circular design. Soorty is the first company to achieve the C2C assurance vertically - in both fabrics and garments.


Indigo dyeing has a critical role with regards to its impact on water pollution and depletion of natural resources. Smart Indigo brings technology together with responsible production to offer the most sustainable way of dyeing ever.

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The World's First Water Free Garment Dyeing Technology, a key and lock innovation by Soorty Enterprises. 

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Aging raw denim is a

long-loving process. 

Technology has speeded up the aging beauty of denim to offer the consumers the past at speed to meet the future.

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In the zero water waste indigo rope dyeing,

the pre-washer and

post-washer tanks are no longer needed,

wasting no water.

Image by Samara Doole

Effective, durable and high-performance textile technologies of innovative solutions. SmartCare+ Sanitized® treated range redefines jeans to offer the modern-day lifestyle essentials - protection, responsibility, versatility, comfort and confidence.


A new range of protective textiles engineered to provide protection, comfort and confidence. Add value to your wardrobe with Soorty’s HeiQ Viroblock treated SmartCare+ Antimicrobial line - comfortable and trustable next-to-skin protection in your favorite pair of jeans.

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