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Innovating responsibly and consciously on our future proof journey, at Soorty we are engineers at heart with a need to be restorative by design. We use the beautiful, precious and finite resources nature generously offers us smartly to design and develop vertical, key & lock innovation models that respect our planet, its resources, and its people.


SmartCare is the representation of our commitment to conserve the environment and our dedication to revolutionize the future of denim. This involves designing conscious systems of raw material sourcing, dyeing, finishing & washing while employing the principles of a circular economy.


SmartCare utilizes the technology which has evolved over the years with consumers' buying needs. It is safe, reliable, and sustainable, designed to make the best use of our vertical capabilities - from fiber to jeans.


We’re honored and proud to introduce the most recent update in our multiple pillars of Smart Care - Smart Indigo. The conscious innovations we have invested in, that bringing technology and responsibility together.


Smart Indigo is a radically responsible innovation that excels sustainable denim production with a top-notch positive natural impact - primarily on the waste water, then the water channels and the life in water, the land, and eventually societies that owe their lives and livelihoods to water sources.


Indigo can naturally not attach to cotton and when used for denim production to dye the yarns it needs to be reduced.


Conventionally this is done by methods where indigo is reduced to leuco indigo - which incorporates the use of heavy chemicals that create a big threat to life in and below water as well as generating heavy stress on lands.


With Smart Indigo, we reduce our own liquid indigo using no chemicals but electricity instead. This means the waste water discharged does not contain the alarming chemicals that are cautionary for both the land we live on and the water channels that is home to life and livelihood of billions.

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​- Progressing further, we’ve also invested in producing our own smart liquid indigo instead of outsourcing it.

- Soorty’s in-house produced liquid indigo is granted an ECO-PASSPORT by OEKO TEX. This certification assures and verifies that the indigo has no harmful effect on neither the human, nor the environmental health.

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