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The Spin Off:


House of Denim Foundation launches the second Stretch Yourself project, in collaboration with Jeans School & The Lycra Company as well as seven denim mills including Soorty. The theme is Diversity in Denim, devising the future of stretch denim according to a gender-fluid and multi-functional purpose driven world.


The Spin Off:


Is AI the future? G-Star, Soorty, Prada Group, Zegna, Zalando think so. Brands like #GStar and denim specialists like #Soorty have started to create their own generative AI-designed collections, along with other players that have started creating their own digital showrooms and collections during the pandemic, created metaverse art pieces & fashion weeks already taking place for the 2nd year in 2023. Maria Cristina Pavarini questions "Will AI make our lives–and the fashion industry–better?" on her latest article.



Soorty’s HumAIn brings the human eye to AI

A new collection of Soorty-made denims for both virtual and material-world consumption, HumAIn, follows a creative collaboration between the producer and Volker Ketteniss. The vertical manufacturer has been pursuing “digital denim” design systems and technologies for around five years now.

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The Spin Off:

Discover HumAIn, Soorty's AI-generated collection

Maria Cristina Pavarini covers the story of HumAIn, Soorty’s AI-generated denim collection created in collaboration with Volker Ketteniss. Despite the topic is still being controversial, the new project started by Soorty aims to emphasize the human value of working together with artificial intelligence and explore new solutions focused on forward-thinking with the aim to discover how technology and fashion can go hand in hand.



F/W 24-25 Preview: Denim Mills Unveil New Sustainable Strategies

Angela Velasquez shares a recap of how mills preparing to launch their Fall/Winter 2024-2025 fabric collections following Kingpins Amsterdam show. Smart and responsible processes, circular designs and low-impact dyes are the framework for new sustainable concepts are covered in the story, including Soorty’s focus on longevity, durability, SOCI and more.


Fashion Trendsetter:

Soorty’s Ai-Generated Denim Collection, HumAIn

Soorty, one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim manufacturers, has announced their AI-generated denim collection, HumAIn, in collaboration with internationally recognized trend forecaster, menswear designer and content director Volker Ketteniss.

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WeAr Magazine:

Hope For A Better Denim Industry: Positive Changes And Goals To Be Achieved

WeAr Denim interviews experts to share their vision for what gives them optimism when thinking about the future of the fashion and denim industry, as well as the most important pursuit on an individual or corporate level. Among the interviewees is Eda Dikmen, Soorty’s marketing and communications manager.



Soorty Turns To Ai For Latest Collection

Angela Velasquez covers the story of Soorty’s AI generated denim collection HumAIn made in a creative collaboration with Volker Ketteniss, the physical and digital presence during Kingpins Amsterdam and with the company’s milestones of digitalization.



Soorty launches AI-generated collection

Denim manufacturer Soorty has announced the launch of a new collection with a difference - the designs were partly generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The 'HumAIn' collection is a collaboration with designer Volker Ketteniss who used AI to generate the designs and create a digital collection of over 50 looks and two physical pieces.



Launch Of Ai-Generated Denim Collection, HumAIn, Announced By Soorty

Soorty functions to find out how technology and fashion can coexist, emphasising the human worth of collaborating with artificial intelligence and with the launch, and taking responsibility for generating innovative solutions. By releasing purpose-driven designs developed with ethical tools and bringing customers closer to a sustainable future, HumAIn unleashes these potentials.

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Mill Memo: Pakistan Producers Share How They Use Tencel™, Part 2

Carved in Blue connected with mills in Pakistan to discuss how they are using TENCEL™ and what to expect from their upcoming lines. 


Textile & Fashion:

Soorty Launches HumAIn, an AI-Generated Denim Collection

In collaboration with Volker Ketteniss, Soorty uses artificial intelligence to discover how technology and fashion can go hand in hand and what working with machines means for the future of the industry by owning the endless possibilities of forward-thinking solutions with HumAIn.


The Spin Off:

How last Kingpins Amsterdam brought the industry new energy 

Maria Cristina Pavarini shares a portrait of the industry following the Kingpins Amsterdam Show. Highlights include the hard times within the industry - a 3 year pandemic, the war as well as environmental crisis like the recent earthquake that happened in Turkey which hit a major global hub for textile production, as well as less participation pointing out that brands lowered their travel budgets as well as employee numbers. The coverage also underlines how the different players of the industry are bringing a newness in this tough environment.



Denim Mills Invest To Streamline Production

A story covering how denim mills are investing in conscious production recently in terms of new & smart technologies machinery to streamline their production as they began to showcase their Fall/Winter 2024-2025 fabric collections. Among the updates are Soorty’s increasing spinning capacity, increased recycled content use as well as recent investments on renewable energy.


Textile World:

Soorty Announces Launch Of AI-Generated Denim Collection, HumAIn!

Emphasizing the human value of working together with artificial intelligence and with the launch, Soorty functions to discover how technology and fashion can go hand in hand, owning the responsibility of designing forward-thinking solutions. HumAIn, Soorty’s AI generated denim collection, unlocks these potentials, bringing forth purpose-driven designs made with responsible tools and taking consumers closer to a more sustainable future.

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Stretch yourself #2: Denim of the future, designed by Gen Z Diversity in Denim

The latest denim design exploration by the House of Denim Foundation x Jean School students, in collaboration with The LYCRA Company and 7 of the most progressive denim mills in the world including Soorty is covered. In the project, students used the latest innovative and sustainable stretch denim fabrics as their canvas to design and produce their garments.



How Soorty And Collaborators Design For Circularity

The Design for Circularity capsule collection produced in collaboration with Lenzing, Marmara Hemp, The Lycra Company and Jeanologia is covered, referenced as Soorty's commitment to making quality clothing while bringing awareness to environmental & social impact of fashion production and consumption.

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ESG Outlook: Ebru Debbag of Soorty on Growing the Evaluation of Social Impact

Lauren Parker interviews Ebru Debbag on ESGs on both a personal and industrial level with questions tapping various topics as achievements, greenwashing, genuine social and environmental impact, sustainability, pre- and post-covid learnings and more.



A new direct-to-farm blueprint

Soorty Organic Cotton Initiative is showcased as a case study of direct to farm system of our day where organic farming certification frauds has caused a critic level of mistrust in the industry as an alternative that supports small holdings, rural communities & workers.