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Why these two denim producers join forces

Global denim manufacturer Isko recently signed a landmark technology licensing agreement–specifically for the US market–with Soorty, a specialized denim and garment manufacturer. The collaboration is expected to combine Isko’s expertise in creating patented technologies with Soorty’s ability in vertical denim and garment manufacturing.

California Apparel News:

ISKO, Soorty Team Up for Unique Collaboration

The partnership marks a business model that is a first in the industry and could change working practices and increase value for the entire market through new collaborations. ISKO and Soorty are at the forefront of sustainability, inclusivity, technology and education in the industry. The common goals make the partnership a perfect alignment.


Isko Licenses Fabric Tech to Soorty for Garment Collection

A new partnership in the denim supply chain challenges the traditional notions of competition. Isko and Soorty, the vertically integrated denim manufacturer based in Pakistan, announced this week the signing of a “landmark” technology licensing agreement that brings the companies together for the production of fabric and garment collections.


Isko, Soorty, Collaborate to Launch Fabric and Garment Collection

The brands partnered to produce fabric and garment collections by way of a “shared approach.”


Everyone From Gucci to LV is Betting Big on Digital Fashion

We carry the pride of being the future proof pioneers of our industry & having launched  The World’s First Digital Denim Garment in collaboration with The Fabricant +3 years ago, when digital fashion was still barely adopted by many. Today, digital fashion is no longer the myth it once used to be. Fast Company covers how digitalization in fashion has evolved over time and the potential it has.


Soorty Refreshes Seasonless Collection with Size Inclusivity in Mind

Sourcing Journal covers how Soorty is now inclusive inside & out putting a special emphasis on our latest efforts such as our inclusive working space initiative embracing disabilities and diversity in the workforce, our 2nd seasonless collection and taking genuine, actual steps towards clothing that can be worn all year long, which would in turn reduce the amount of waste generated by the industry. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 18.51.14.png


Soorty Seeks to Drive an Organic Cotton Revolution with New Partnership and Initiative

Following our launch of SOCI - Soorty Organic Cotton Initiative, the article covers Soorty's aim to reach out to all the farmers from Balochistan & identify receptive communities looking to transform their holdings into exclusively organic farmlands over the long term, in partnership with pioneers of organic cotton farming; WWF-Pakistan, and the Department of Agriculture Extension, Balochistan, along with support and input from the Laudes Foundation.


Soorty Launches New Seasonless II Collection & Continues to Innovate with Sustainability and Production Practices

Denim Focus covers the launch of our second Seasonless collection in detail going in and out of our different concepts and showing why less is actually more. The article highlights why the seasonal calendar is no longer relatable and how producing less with more meaningful offers is the way forward when considering true and genuine social and environmental sustainability.



Denim innovations: How brands are cleaning up the industry

In their industry focused article about the different industry players’ attempts and efforts to reduce textile waste, and the footprint our clothing brings along, Fashion United talks about Soorty’s state of the art recycling facility which now has a capacity of repurposing 300 tonnes / month for jeans that are no longer wanted, to reintroduce them into the value chain and close the loop.



Soorty Launches Organic Cotton Initiative in Pakistan

Sourcing Journal announces the launch of Soorty Organic Cotton Initiative, which for us holds a great potential in bridging digitalization, trustability, transparency and traceability as well as social and environmental responsibility.


Bridging the Gender Gap

In their article covering the efforts of the different industry players’ to bridge the gender gap, Sourcing Journal highlights the step we took towards a more sustainable future by not only adopting environmentally responsible practices but also making core changes like designing our fabrics with purpose to be innovative, seasonless, genderless and more fluid to be versatile enough that they can be easily be used all year long as key pieces of a trans seasonal wardrobe.



Soorty Launches Organic Cotton Initiative

As customers are more cautious about the footprint of the clothes they wear, and the impact they have on the future, on societies and on the environment, regenerative farming gains a key position to bring positive change. We see DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD and this social and environmental good is what we have been aiming with SOCI. EcoTextile covers the launch.



Pakistan’s Soorty aims to drive organic cotton revolution

Just Style announces the launch of Soorty Organic Cotton Initiative, which for us holds a great potential in bridging digitalization, trustability, transparency and traceability as well as social and environmental responsibility.


Carved In Blue:

Soorty Says So Long To Seasons In Sustainability Move

This past year has given the fashion industry time to reconsider how it operates. With closed stores, inventory piled up and quickly became outdated as the season changed. Carved In Blue covers how Soorty is breaking free from what it sees as a broken fashion system by ditching traditional seasons in favor of timeless designs. 

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California Apparel News:

Inside The Industry

Following our recent achievements of one gold & one core certification from the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) coming from a region that is noted as at high risk for water scarcity by the United Nations, California Apparel News records our efforts to draw  framework for more sustainable local water resources.


Sourcing Journal:

Soorty Achieves Alliance for Water Stewardship Gold Status

Following our recent achievements of one gold certification & one core certification from the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), Liz Warren covers the story as an accomplishment for both Soorty and Pakistan as we became the first company to attain this status in the country across all sectors, noting that Soorty has “pushed its water stewardship performance to the next level.”

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 17.24.05.png

Alliance for Water Stewardship:

#WomenInWater - Nazia’s Story

Alliance For Water Stewardship, the global membership collaboration that promotes a universal framework for more sustainable local water resources, covers the story of our Sustainability and Water Management Manager, Nazia Mughal on Women’s Day and her passion towards bringing positive change to our planet through her work.

The Spin Off:

How Pakistan’s denim industry bets on women’s empowerment

Following International Women’s Day, Maria Cristina Paverina covers a selection of social initiatives of Soorty showing its commitment to environmental and social sustainability via various touch points that offer equal work opportunities. The story covers SEWS - Soorty Enhancing Women Service in detail, which is an initiative launched in 2018 and now further strengthened with the aim to reinforce women’s empowerment, increase the participation rate and the employability of women in the denim industry.

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sourcing journal:

Soorty Debuts Size-Inclusive Solution for Jeans

Fitting efficiency becomes more critical than ever as consumers hesitate to go back to brick & mortar stores and switch to online shopping instead. RESYNC, our one size fits all technology and step forward towards inclusive fashion with a science supported conscious way of using what is limited and waste no more, is recently covered in Rivet Magazine by Liz Warren. 



How to Tell if Your Jeans Were Made Sustainably

Lizzy Rosenberg shares hints and details about what makes certain denim fabrics more environmentally and socially responsible than others in her latest article, covering our MINUS ZERO WASTE approach with an highlight to our sustainable manufacturing methods.


Long john:

The Seasonless Approach By Denim Mill Soorty

For decades, the seasonal calendar has served the industry well. With climate emergency becoming a reality, the weather changing from blistering heat to heavy rain in a matter of hours, do we need seasons in fashion as we used to? With the digital age and ease of access to products from different countries, continents, and climates, can we enforce a certain season to all customers? How and why we’ve decided to launch our first Seasonless Collection is covered by Wouter Munnichs.

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the spın off:

Plant-based neoprene, merino eco-mixes and flexible size denim will lead fashion

Maria Christina Pavari covers our new concept RESYNC in her selection of pioneering denim innovations. RESYNC is our one-size-fits-all technology aimed to support size inclusivity while avoiding an overproduction of waste from the fashion industry.

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 11.44.07.png

the spın off:

Label to Watch: Oak & Acorn

In her interview with Miko Underwood, the founder and designer of Oak & Acorn (Harlem’s first sustainable denim brand), Maria Christina Pavari covers the story behind the brand and the values driving its evolution today, along with our collaboration also strongly connected to these values.

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 16.20.54.png


Highlights of some of the most innovative sustainable developments from the fashion industry

Smart Blue - our latest collaboration with Garmon Chemicals showing how less can be more. Smart Blue is a new pillar of Soorty's Smart Laundry set up and radically reduces the use of water and implements zero discharge of hazardous chemicals while providing IRL environmental savings records per each wash. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 00.30.50.png


Miko Underwood Explores the Untold Story of Denim with Oak & Acorn

Miko Underwood, founder of Oak & Acorn tells Heddels how she dreams of her brand to be a platform that highlights the historical inequalities of denim that also charts a course of how denim can empower workers while minimizing the impact it has on the planet in the second chapter of the interview with David Shuck, along with her experience with working with Soorty.

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 00.28.24.png


Soorty on Their Work With Emerging Denim Label Oak & Acorn

David Shuck of Heddels interviewed our team members behind the Soorty x Oak & Acorn Collaboration - Ebru Debbag, Executive Director Global Sales & Marketing; Melissa Urbina, US Manager of Design & Product Development; and Umer Rehman, Vice President of Marketing. Oak & Acorn is the first sustainability focused denim brand out of Harlem aiming to tell the “The Untold History of American Denim” and this unusual collaboration was driven by one thing only: shared values.


sourcıng journal:

Soorty’s New Prism Project Targets an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

Our latest CSR initiative, the Prism Project is a program designed to create an inclusive workplace embracing disabilities and diversity in the workforce. Angela Velasquez of Rivet Magazine interviewed our CSR Manager, Mobeen Chughtai on how Soorty is using Denim As A Power Of Good to make positive and lasting impact.

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 01.21.51.png


Interview With Eda Dikmen

Our lives and business as usual has changed dramatically with the unprecedented crisis of covid19, so much loss in so little time and the shifts we had to adapt quickly drove us to new ways of doing business. 


Founder of Long John Magazine, Wouter Munnichs, interviewed our Marketing & Communications Manager Eda Dikmen about business as usual in Soorty pre- and post-covid19, and future possibilities to discover in the days to come.

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 01.19.48.png

CEE ARE DEE - Denim Development: Talking tech, sustainability and ethics with Soorty Enterprises

Eda Dikmen, our Marketing and Communications Manager had an in-depth interview with Matt Wilson of @ceearedee for his latest vlog on youtube. The detailed conversation tackles multiple aspects of responsible denim production, covering tech, sustainability and ethics showing why and how we see DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD. 



The fight for clean and recyclable denim

Denim manufacturing is one of the fashion industry’s most chemical & water intensive sectors. Between the pressure to minimize costs and the processes that give denim what consumers want, it’s not easy to eliminate those impacts.

Vogue Business covers the Jeans Redesign project launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation we are proud to be part of.



Virtual Catwalks & Digital Fashion: How COVID-19 Is Changing The Fashion Industry

What impact will the COVID-19 crisis have on reshaping the fashion industry? When we get back on our feet, how will the fashion industry have changed? 


Brooke Islam covers how the pandemic is changing business as usual for fashion. We are happy to be featured and see our collaboration with The Fabricant - The World’s First Digital Denim Garment.



Does Ranking Fashion Companies By Sustainability Commitments Actually Help The Industry To Improve?

Brooke Islam tackles the vital issue our industry should be questioning - the fact that many brands are still hiding behind greenwash rather than committing to a real action against the polluting processes within the supply chain with suggestive transparency and traceability measures that can be taken.


DENIM KIND: Future Of Fashion At Scale  

David Shuck from Heddels interviews Asad Soorty and Eda Dikmen on Soorty’s Denim Kind about the innovations and philosophy behind it.

Denim Kind is becoming the most environmentally-conscious and resource efficient place to produce denim in the world. Welcoming the bright, promising future of fashion at scale. 



Ebru Debbağ Talks Sustainability

Heddels' David Shuck interviews our Executive Director of Marketing and Sales, Ebru Debbag covering the philosophy behind The Climate Jeans as well as getting to know better how we, at Soorty, approach sustainability. 

Have a look to learn about Soorty's responsible efforts as well as vision for future.

Soorty 15-2-19 _KoenKuik-1.jpg


Soorty’s Future Possibilities Platform of Transparent Information to Inform, Inspire and Engage

Heddels tackles what sustainability means to us and why we define ourselves as a responsible company. This time we've been covering our latest innovations like C2C, FIX-D - the world's first water free garment dyeing technology - and the recycled family we're offering as examples of how Soorty makes more and a better use of the limited resources we've got.



Soorty is Pioneering Recycled Fabrics and Water-Free Garment Dyeing 

With the world barreling ever deeper into climate change, the impact of the fashion industry cannot be understated. Even so, the topic of sustainability stays complex and confusing So we have worked together with Heddels to go over our efforts and practices in sustainable production as well as our thoughts on sustainability. 


Soorty’s C2C Gold Certified Line is Among the Most Sustainable

Cradle to Cradle - our design focused production philosophy focuses on circularity and a continuous closed loop that aims to waste no more. As we are the pioneers of the C2C denim production within the industry, our products are assured for material health, material re-utilization, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social fairness.



While Pakistan is expected to be the 8th most climate crisis-affected country, consciousness and responsibility is thriving a change against this. With well put strategies & investments we are working hard to bring sustainable transformation.

The review covers our different approaches - C2C, laundry changes, different CSR projects on forestation and gender equality, as well as Soorty water initiative.


Growth Through Sustainable Transformation

We, at Soorty, see DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD - a tool to bring positive change to our planet. Business Chief Magazine interviews Asad Soorty, Sarfraz Cheema and Mobeen Ahmed Chughtai on how we’re fighting Pakistan's huge climate change problem and how we're disrupting the industry as we change for better.

carved ın blue:

Tencel x Refibra Denim

Carved In Blue covers the different ways in which we use Lenzing products as cotton alternatives and introduce the sustainable fibers in our compositions to give denimheads the soft (or stiff) denim they are looking for while reducing the fabric’s impact on our planet.

carved ın blue:


Carved In Blue covers the latest updates on Soorty approaches sustainability holistically with an interview with our Marketing and Communications Manager Eda Dikmen as she points out the latest initiatives Smart Care, Denim Kind, Cradle to Cradle and Future Possibilities.

carved ın blue:


Lenzing’s information and news platform Carved in Blue questions how the different mills and producers of the denim value chain approach the post Covid19 era.

carved ın blue:


Our marketing manager Eda Dikmen explains Carved In Blue or latest collection, The Human Jeans with the philosophy behind it and the different consumer groups and tribes being targeted. The explanation of the different containers that target these consumer groups involves the multiple use of Lenzing fibers such as Tencel, Modal, Refibra and Ecovero.


How Pakistan Has Gained An Edge In Eco-Friendly Denim

Adrian Wilson covers how the different initiatives and projects handled by the different denim manufacturers in Karachi are leading the world when it comes to sustainable denim production. 


Retracing Denim’s History to Learn How to Make the Future Greener

We collaborated with Denim Hunters and Long John to recreate their jeans and fades, using the most innovative and responsible materials and manufacturing methods.

Thomas, aka Denim Hunters, covers the experience from his perspective, starting from the thing that got him hooked on denim - the fades;  keeping track of how the indigo is slowly chipped away from the fabric.



Aiming to design a project that is informative, transparent and fun at the same time; our series with Denimhunters & Long John shows their personal experiences as we recreated their favorite jeans & fades - using only the most responsible raw materials and production methods when doing so. In episode 2, we see how their jeans were cut and sewn.



The goal of the series was to spread the word about responsible manufacturing methods and available options in denim production. The third and the final episode of the series portray how the jeans go through the laundry processes - our experience on a more sustainable denim laundry. 


Denim Days 2018

A recap of the activities and events of the festival, covering our beautiful and exciting collaboration with Blueprint Amsterdam - the indigo dyeing workshop where our visitors hand dyed their custom made bandanas for the day, using natural indigo.


Jeans Redesign Initiative

Fashion United covers the Jeans Redesign Initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation that we are proud to be part of - and hence, pledging to meet guidelines setting out minimum requirements on garment durability, material health, recyclability and traceability.


What The Future Of Denim Looks Like According To Industry Experts

Showcasing the latest trends and innovations to hit the world of denim, Fashion United covers Soorty’s vision for the future of denim featuring The World’s First Digital Denim Garment while mentioning the physical moving digital. 


World of Denim

Robin Denim joined us in our mission to spread the word about the importance of change in the industry, partly by editorials and partly by designing and organizing collaborative projects.

This first editorial gives an overview of how we, at Soorty, offer our world of denim that is designed for purpose to the denim community.


The Climate Jeans

Robin covers Soorty’s SS2021 Collection - The Climate Jeans.

As Soorty, one of the world’s largest vertical denim manufacturers, we’re a frontrunners of responsible manufacturing in the industry.


We’ve been, and are changing the status quo and proactively working towards a more sustainable denim world.


Denim Washing Workshops at the NASDA Innovation Lab

Together with Robin, we’ve designed a tailored project that puts together a team of super denim heads to create their favorite garments. Our guests visited us at our NASDA Innovation Lab in Çorlu for a 3-days workshop to receive all the tools they needed to wash and finish the garments which had been created for them.


World Of Denim, Designed For Life

Denim & Jeans makes a recap on our AW2021 collection which comes with a wide range of products that target different lifestyles, consumer tribes, and realities. The collections is inspired by nature ;  paying respect to all its aspects.


Effects Of Covid 19

Sandeep Agarwal of Denims and Jeans talks to Ebru Debbag – Executive Director, Global Sales and Marketing on how she sees the impact #Covidtimes will have on all of us.


Discover the coolest ideas seen at Bluezone

Maria Cristina Pavarini makes a recap of the show and highlights the latest innovations offered by the mills and industry players.


What you missed at Denim Première Vision’s s/s'21 edition

Emma Holmqvist Deacon makes a recap of the show and highlights the latest innovations offered by the mills and industry players, highlighting our Cradle to Cradle line and the launch we’ve done with The World’s First Digital Denim Garment in collaboration with the Fabricant as a way to cut unnecessary resources.


Making better denim?

Juliette Tafreschi covers the Jeans Redesign Initiative.

The initiative offers guidelines for durability, material properties, recyclability and traceability of clothing based on closed-loop principles to ensure that jeans last longer, are easy to recycle and are manufactured in ways that benefit the environment and the health of textile workers.


How sourcing countries are reacting to COVID-19

Maria Cristina Pavarini tackles the question if halting so many productive fields and countries was the best solution, looking at the consequences brought by the global lockdown after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She has talked to respected leaders among the industry to draft out our days forward, including our executive director of global sales and marketing, Ebru Debbag.


This is your Amsterdam schedule for next week

Maria Cristina Pavarini drafted a must-see list for the blue week, noting down the events between October 22-27 as Amsterdam prepares to welcome the leading insiders, enthusiasts, buyers and fans from the denim world. The list included the Denim Breakfast, Kingpins Amsterdam, Denim Days and the Denim Talks - each of which we’ve enjoyed deeply being part of.


Top 10 Sustainable Denim Brands + Innovations in 2019

Our dear friend Ani of Simply Suzette covers the top 10 sustainable denim innovations of 2019, including The World’s First Digital Denim Garment and the E-Flow technology we’ve adopted for quite some time now.


Kingpins Transformers Recap

Ani’s recap of her key take aways from Kingpins NY Transformers, including how she was impressed by Soorty’s informative and education focused tone of voice and approach to the stakeholders. Denim is a common dementor between all cultures, so it is necessary that brands and producers educate the world to care for their denim mindfully.


Denim Days Nashville Round Up

Ani covers her experience of the two full days of denim and indigos in Nashville, including our transparency focused display with the Denim Curiosity Table - which we set to enable our visitors to touch, feel, observe and learn about their options in denim manufacturing.


Designing at the Most Innovative Mill in the World

We’re so glad that Ani joined us as one of our inspirational guests of the Women In Denim project we curated with the Denim Dudes. She designed a 3-piece denim outfit, which we’ve realized at NASDA. Ani has chosen only the most sustainable fabric and laundry options in her design and truly realized design for purpose.


Designing at NASDA - Soorty's R&D Micro Factory

The Women In Denim project this is a collective story of women in denim, performing their art in a world dominated by men. Some of these ladies are at the back stage of the supply chain while some are closer to the consumer, like Ani. In this post, she covers her experience in NASDA where we’ve realized her designs.


What's in Your Jeans? The Cotton Problem. - Soorty X Denim Dudes cont.

For the Women in Denim project, Ani worked for fabrics that are composed of organic cotton, linen and Tencel or those that are C2C assured as she wanted to experiment and communicate the options that lie behind circular design.

This article covers the philosophy and importance of circularity as well as her full experience with the final garments.


Women Are Agents of Change in the Denim Industry

Angela Valesquez covers the Women In Denim initiative launched in Munich Fabric Start.

As a stalwart supporter of female empowerment our global executive director of marketing & sales, Ebru Debbag was one of the key speakers. She, along with many precious ladies who helped transform our industry, shared experiences along with our vision on the issue for the future.


Soorty Strives for Growth and Denim Innovation

Being Pakistan’s largest vertical denim manufacturer, we have sights set on further growth with innovation. The editorial covers our holistic approach that brings innovation, responsibility and design together - as put by our VP Marketing, Research and Innovation, Mansoor Bilal, “Our aim is to come up with the most innovative and inspiring ideas and solutions, to create a benchmark."


Black Forever Denim by Soorty

The technological innovations in these signature black fabrics are durability with lasting color even after repeated washing. Soorty launches BLACK FOREVER denim turning black denim into a timeless piece of clothing, featuring lower impact in dyeing and super soft handfeel giving the wearer amazing comfort even after many home laundries. 


Sustainability And Innovation Are A Natural Fit

Our fully-vertical capabilities play an essential role in designing innovative and high quality products our customers want. Being able to offer a complete sourcing solution from fiber to jeans is a big strength as it enables us to monitor, control and optimize all steps in responsible manufacturing - not to mention the reduced environmental impact and speed to market model.


Why Denim Needs More Components Meeting C2C Standards

C2C Gold-level requirements demand eco-friendly and healthy products, a minimum 50% renewable energy use & drastic savings on water with a commitment to social standards.

This article how covers cradle to cradle, when embraced as a design solution, helps move the industry towards a circular model.


Denim Mills Anticipate a Return to Vintage Americana Fabrics

Angela Valesquez highlights the revisited heroes of the denim industry in the KP AMS AW2021 edition.

Soorty showcased fabrics that resemble the classic Levi’s & Wranglers, with a new shade called Mars Blue offering a bright blue marble option. Soorty marketing & communications manager Eda Dikmen described the container Nostalgia as “reinterpretations of old heroes” and expects that they’ll be future vintage.


Kingpins Amsterdam Preview: Everything You Need to Know

A recap of AW2021 by Angela Valesquez. ”Soorty is focused on taking a proactive approach to problem-solving. They will introduce a new color “Neutral Blue” to its line of C2C denim fabrics that it launched last year. The mill will also introduce “the world’s first clean liquid indigo” with Archroma to make aniline free denim.”


Full Scope of S/S 20 Denim

A detailed recap of Kingpins New York for SS2020 where we’ve showcased our Cradle to Cradle line as well as our platform of transparent information - Future Possibilities.


Denim Made Strides In Sustainable Dyes, Fibers and Finishing in 2019

As the market of ethical and health-conscious consumers expands, so does the demand for more sustainable fabric. In this article, Angela Valesquez covers the different initiatives and efforts from the industry which transform our future into a brighter and a cleaner one, from dyes to design processes, finishes to fibers and material resourcing.


Cancellations Strain Soorty Enterprises’ Vertical Operations

Angela Velasquez recaps Asad Soorty’s interview with Andrew Olah which was focusing on the cancellations from major brands coming as a result of the Covid19 pandemic and the burden it creates on our industry, and risking the sustainability of the business.


Recreating Denim Fades The Most Eco-Friendly Way

Dear Wouter, aka Long John covers his experience with the Recrating Jeans, Responsibly project from his perspective, with a detailed explanation on how the project was design to begin with, and evolved over time.


Soorty Presents: The Climate Jeans For SS2021 Denim Collection

Take a look at the editorial Long John covers our SS2021 collection which was entirely dedicated to our beautiful planet, from fabric names to the photoshoot, from developments to laundry design.


Soorty Presents : Fall Winter 2020 – 2021 Collection

As Long John covers: “placing innovation, design, and sustainability at the core of all functions, Soorty is at the forefront of producing of denim fabrics and jeans, with special emphasis on quality, cost, and delivery.” Take a look at the editorial to see the highlights of our AW2021 collection.


Soorty x The Fabricant On The World’s First Digital Denim Garment

Believing in the power of merging technology with responsible design, we've launched our C2C GOLD CertifiedTM fabrics line in a collaboration with The Fabricant with The World’s First Digital Denim Garment that uses nothing but data. Take a look at how Long John covers this revolutionary step in the denim history.


Recap Bluezone Denim Fabric Trade Show In Munich

Long John recaps the final edition of Munich Fabric Start’s Bluezone and Keyhouse where we’ve showcased the industry’s first vertical C2C assured collection (fabrics, and jeans) and hosted a special screening of our collaborative project followed by a panel welcoming the press and other industry players.


Episode #2: How To Recreate Jeans The Most Eco-Friendly Way

Wouter’s experience of making a replica of his jeans as part of our collaboration is covered in this editorial where we choose the right selvedge fabric, create the pattern, decide the trimming and so on. All the essentials that will help to achieve the target of getting the same pair of jeans as our own worn-in jeans.


Episode #3: How To Recreate Jeans The Most Eco-Friendly Way

The final episode of our documentary trilogy continues our denim journey if it’s possible to recreate our favorite jeans and fades with the most sustainable materials and methods available at Soorty’s NASDA Lab. A replica jeans with the same authentic look and feel via environmentally conscious production as our original.


Recap Bluezone Denim Fabric Trade Show In Munich

Wouter’s recap of SS2020 presentations in Munich Fabric Start’s Bluezone and Keyhouse.


The 5th Edition Of Denim Days In Amsterdam

A detailed list of must-see events, workshops and panels where indigo lovers from around the world get together; including our natural indigo dye workshop handled in collaboration with the Blueprint.


Soorty Collaborates with the Denim Dudes to Create the Denim Outfit For Four Influential Ladies of Our Industry

Designed as a collaborative project between Soorty & Denim Dudes WOMEN IN DENIM celebrates the many influential, passionate ladies who transform our industry day after day. We’ve welcomed four incredible  ladies who joined our mission to create awareness on the issue while creating their ultimate looks in a very hands-on workshop. Enjoy reading dear Amy Leverton’s recap on the project.


Meet the ladies: The Four Inspiring Entrepreneur Women from our Industry whom we’ve collaborated with

For our precious project we’ve had the privilege to work with Ani Wells (@simplysuzette), Alexis Colby (@bitofdenim), Harmony Hendrickx (@ckxstudio) and Maria Gunnarson (@amkatelier) - four amazing ladies with a voice, incredible skills and a huge passion for what they do.
 Amy Leverton covers our collective story as well as a close look towards our guests’ choices, designs and styles. Enjoy!


Soorty Collaborates with the Denim Dudes to increase awareness on gender equality that is much needed in our industry

The denim industry, heavily targets women while being dominated by men.
As a stalwart supporter of female empowerment, we at Soorty pride ourselves on our strong female workforce that powers the forward-thinking. Our industry is home to millions of women around the world and together with the Denim Dudes we’ve designed a project to highlight this. Enjoy the read.


Every innovation has a story. What inspires you? NASDA Innovation Lab by Denim Dudes

NASDA INNOVATION LAB is Soorty’s experimental innovation hub. Located less than an hour drive from Istanbul, NASDA has the full machinery set up for jean production - pattern to cutting, sewing to laser and e-flow as well as complete dry + wet processes.

Denim Dudes covers what NASDA is built for & how it contributes to our exceptional global presence.