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Conscious Application Through The Value Chain

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Soorty proudly introduces EarthArt. Meticulously crafted from carefully selected fibers using specially designed processes, EarthArt stands out in its commitment to sustainability.

A key highlight of EarthArt is the use of Nature Coatings’ BioBlack TX, a renewable alternative to petroleum-derived carbon black. Derived from recycled wood waste from FSC certified sources, BioBlack TX is free of PAHs carcinogens and has a negative carbon footprint. With vibrant black hues that resist fading even during prolonged exposure to light, BioBlack TX represents a groundbreaking choice in coloration options that prioritizes the environment.


Soorty's new innovative and responsible black over-dye process that lowers our carbon footprint and impact with a significantly reduced energy, steam, water and chemical consumption compared to conventional methods. 



Denim is the only fabric with yarns initially dyed and then washed out to achieve its signature look. By challenging the way denim is traditionally made, we are able to save an average of 28,815 gallons of water per day. 

Conscious process design simplifying denim laundry. Requiring minimal resources to achieve authentic looks.


Smart and responsible over-dyeing with ozone, which not only uses less of what is limited but also makes a unique use of it. The process uses 70% less water and steam and compared to conventional over-dyeing processes while complimenting the beautiful, authentic denim looks.

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Design thinking is the key to developing goods that allocate and utilize correct resources efficiently. At Soorty, we are offering our world of denim, designed for life.


Considering that the life cycle of a product begins already when being designed, at Soorty, we consider design for purpose a tool for improvement.


Design thinking and product development are key points of our sustainable production.


Vertical sustainability enhanced by innovative technology designed for conscious water use. The design avoids the use of pre-washer and post-washer tanks, saving up to 90% of the waste water. 

- i.e. conventional figures 14.75 L/m vs ZWW 1.5 L/m


Uniquely replacing the use of many chemicals that are conventionally involved, the ozone machine takes the air from the atmosphere and transforms it to ozone.


Inside the tumbler, this helps achieve the target effects using what is already in the air that surrounds us but nothing more, radically lowers the environmental impact.



Inspired by tumble-drying, helps control shrinkage levels of the warp & the weft of the fabric.


Padding very very little amounts of water or a softener; and utilizing air circulation, the shrinkage levels after wash are minimized and garment production is easier to handle.



Instead of dipping the fabric in big chemical tanks and drying the water amount to the level it actually requires later, we use eco-applicators which only pad the necessary amount, saving up a vigorously high energy and water consumption.



Dramatically reduces the amount of water required and brings the liquor ratio down to unparalleled levels, UP is a game changer in garment laundry.


It works with a continuous, regular flow of water system constantly being injected to the machine, which is recovered and recirculated; saving water, energy and time while increasing efficiency.



Automation powered solution for increased efficiency in laundry, creating both uniform and contrasting effects, bringing out the full potential of the garment.


Drastically reduces water use, and enables us to create special dyes with extremely low environmental impact

- i.e. a 1:1 liquor ratio.



Conventionally, water used to be the carrier of chemicals to the garments, going to waste at the end of every cycle, still containing the chemicals within.


With E-flow, we’re able to use the air that surrounds us as the carrier which homogeneously transmits the recipe to the garment; meaning no water waste, and no chemical discharge.


We have not only reduced our use of limited resources significantly via investments in technologies that make more use of what is limited; but we also recycle and reuse them.


When Sodium Hydro Sulfide is as a reducing agent for indigo in Rope Dyeing; it increases the COD and BOD load of the waste water, affecting the marine life negatively. Indigo+ is Soorty’s salt free indigo dyeing technology designed to cure this.


Designed for Soorty’s innovative journey towards the fully responsible denim, Herbal Indigo extracted from the Indigofera plant - recognized as true indigo - preserves the aesthetics of denim heritage with environmental positive impact since it avoids the release of extra COD and BOD caused by the synthetic indigo dyes.


With studies pointing out man-made indigo is produced utilizing “aniline”; we started searching for innovative methods to purify this extra substance from the equation.


Partnering up with Archroma on the world’s first clean liquid indigo, we offer a unique, aniline free indigo dyeing technology.


Designed for purpose, Soorty offers a variety of laser friendly fabrics and worn-in finishes that help achieve the desired result by eliminating the use of massive amounts of water, energy and chemicals.


Design to treat the industrial waste water for its reuse or safe disposal, our ETP plant controls the pH level which otherwise is a direct risk to marine life due to stages like mercerization which involve Sodium Hydroxide. After treating the process water in the ETP, Microfiltration and UV treatment allows us to re-use 220,000 gallons per day. Physical, chemical, and biological processes and operations to remove solids, organic matter and, sometimes, nutrients from wastewater to ensure a safe disposal; which also controls all the above limitations.


Adjusting to clean energy sources and making more use of what is less is crucial in our journey as we change for better. Minus Zero Waste does not only stand for repurposing what was once considered to be waste but also finding ways and means to use less of what is limited, while making more use of it. This is directly applicable to energy resources.


Denim production is an energy intensive process, with so many steps along the journey. To be energy efficient through this journey, we embrace clean energy practices and moving our applications in this direction.


The practices adopted include;

 - being on the search of and implementing technologies and innovations that reduce energy use

- condensate recovery to keep the energy circulating and making use of the energy in the loop

- invest in clean energy. Our LEED Platinum garment factory in Karachi has a solar panel rooftop, producing 30% of its energy. Investments in this direction continue with a years’ targets of 4MW input from solar resources distributed among our different production facilities.


Soorty’s holistically responsible production that is revolutionizing the future of denim through a strong commitment on the environment. Found on the principle of respecting our planet by using its resources smartly, works by designing conscious systems of raw material sourcing, processing and laundry while employing the principles of a circular economy for future proof innovations.



Soorty’s range of protective textiles, fabrics and garments with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties engineered to provide protection, comfort and confidence. an extra layer of protection that became a necessity added to our clothing by garment engineering to offer comfortable protection close to your skin. 

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