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    SmartCare Laundry™   

SmartCare Laundry™ is our proprietary combination of process innovations and technologies in laundry finishing.

It brings together a combination of technologies:

·  Water-recirculation Washing Machines,

·  Foaming Technologies,

·  Ozone Machines,

·  Nebulized Chemical applications,

·  Laser Machines,

·  Infrared Based Automatic dryers.

Found on the principle of respecting our planet by using its resources smartly, it helps us utilize responsible technology as a tool to design conscious laundry systems.

SmartCare Laundry™ finishes use:

·   No stones,

·   No bleach,

·   Special Enzymes and ZDHC approved chemicals ,

·   40% less energy,

·   10% of the water of conventional finishes.

SmartCare Laundry™ can be approached in two main pillars: Evolve and Econic.


Powered by responsible chemistry to ensure low impact in laundry:

ZDHC compliant chemicals, potassium permanganate alternates, safe chlorine replacements.


Latest technology machinery set up enhancing automation with a 24/7 focus on employee health, resource use and carbon footprint reduction.

Employs modern technologies including:

Jeanologia’s Laser, Eflow, Ozone machines, and EIM software, Tonello’s Up, Core, NoStone, EcoFree2 wet process machines, Garmon’s Smart Foam technology as well as Triveneta dryers.

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