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Second Life

Second Life is a brand of recycled cotton products under Soorty Enterprises. Its story begins with the vision of the Soorty family to revolutionize the cotton industry.


Jeans first appeared nearly a 150 years ago. They survived countless fashion fads and have transcended age, gender and cultural boundaries. Everybody loves denim. In fact, we spend $92.8 billion on denim products every year. But our consumption comes at a cost. This is why it is important to take a responsible approach when we talk denim. 


Second Life reflects remarkable innovation of the textile industry, while responding to growing concerns around climate adaptation, sustainability and change. We offer our customers a range of advantages and create products that are innovative, high quality, and eco-conscious.

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Second Life uses True Waste- this is clothes at the bottom most rung of the waste hierarchy, the garment which could not be re-sold, repaired or even up-cycled and was destined for landfills. This is possible due to our dedicated waste procurement experts that source the globe for real waste.

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Second Life utilizes advanced technology to produce high-quality recycled fibers and customizable yarns. We are able to cater needs in a wide array of options — eg. spun dyed, ready for open end fabrics and more.


While PCW & PIW test reports confirm that our cotton fiber parameters are setting the industry benchmark, third-party verifications attest Second Life’s validity and reliability in product and process quality.

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