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Raw denim ages over time and reflects the uniqueness of the person wearing as time goes by, taking the body shape as well as being home to habits of in which pocket the person carries his/her wallet or keys.

Vintage, rustic and faded – the very signatures of denim that has been worn, loved, cared for.

Aging raw denim is a long-loving process. Technology has speeded up the aging beauty of denim to offer the consumers the past at speed to meet the future. Industrial washing becomes an art as industrial finishing recipes set the benchmark of the craftsman and artisanship of designers while defining landmarks for the brands.


Now it is time for another revolution where sustainability and digital artisan meet through the laser washes. Worn-In defines the key and lock innovation mind set where denim fabric is crafted with the goal to take its beauty at the laser garment finish. Engineers and designers collaborate and co-create using heritage knowledge as well as innovation. 

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