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Over the past years, we have been investing in disruptive technologies and developed environmentally and socially conscious denim laundry systems reducing the use of water, chemicals and energy and a strong focus on the human value, ensuring workers health and safety.

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Partnerships for the goals

SMART BLUE is a collaborative technology crafted by a strong partnership that brings together the high-level of engineering know-how of Soorty and Garmon. 2 companies, 1 goal: revolutionizing garment finishing via future-proof, environmentally and socially responsible innovations.

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Sustainable Garment Production at scale

for denim pieces that look & feel fashionable while respecting our planet by using its resources smartly.

1. chemicals are carried on to the garment via SMART BLUE
instead of water. This saves an average of 80% of water
per laundry.

2. all the processes are conducted in room temperature with
minimal steps, keeping the energy need extremely low

3. chemicals are loaded up to x3 faster in minimally designed
steps, resulting with time reduced labor time and increased

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