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Our revolutionary denim laundry system which offers an endless range of worn-in denim aesthetics, consciously. Mimics bleach effects without the actual use of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, the people working with them, and the people wearing the end product.

less manual labor,
absolute safety for the operators & the wearer,
consistent and uniform finishes with high contrast,
shorter processing times.

FadeO offers consistent and uniform finishes as well as striking contrasting effects with a low liquor ratio and NO need for environmentally cautious materials in denim-washing.


Using the magic of ozone (in the air, and the water) with pioneering technology FadeO, we reduce our dependency on water and chemical massively while also consuming less oxygen and electricity.

no stones,
no bleach,
low liquor ratio,
massive reductions in water, chemical, energy & oxygen use.

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