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Future Possibilities is a global online and offline platform where denim remains at the heart as

we co-create a responsible future. We aim to reach out to global citizens and offer a transparent dialogue as we inform, inspire and connect. 


Smart Indigo


Indigo cannot attach to cotton naturally and needs to be reduced for dyeing. Conventionally this is done by methods where indigo is reduced to leuco indigo - which incorporates the use of chemicals that create a big threat to life in and below water as well as generating heavy stress on lands.

Soorty has invested in the Smart Indigo technology by which own liquid indigo is reduced using no chemicals but electricity instead. Hence the waste water discharged does not contained the chemicals that is alarming and cautionary for both the land we live on and the water channels that is home to life and livelihood of billions. 

EverFIT: Jeans that fit like the first time, every time.

High performance, low growth jeans.

Soorty’s brand new technology focusing on comfort, medium and high stretch performance where we keep growth to a minimum to give the consumers the ease of wear and use as well as keeping the shape of the garments.


Like finding pictures in the clouds: HumAIn

A creative collaboration by Soorty x ORNMNTNCRM, using artificial intelligence tools to explore, both virtual and IRL, the infinite possibilities of our favourite material—denim!


Our collection Planet Indigo made in collaboration with SimplySuzette has 10 very versatile, easy to mix and match pieces. Each one was designed, crafted and made with love.

By us, for us.

Shoot - Simply Suzette


It was a pleasure to meet denim friends once again at Kingpins Amsterdam as we launched our new fabric and garment collections. 

During the show we’ve also launched HumAIn - a creative collaboration by Soorty x ORNMNTNCRM that uses artificial intelligence tools to explore, both virtual and IRL, the infinite possibilities of our favourite material—denim.

We loved the high interest and engagement, but in case you were not able to visit us, you can learn more about the collections, and our highlights by clicking the links below.

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