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The TuTa Reimagined for the Modern World


Building upon the visionary legacy of Thayaht's jumpsuit, TwoTa emerges as a contemporary reinterpretation rooted in innovation and sustainability through a collaboration between Decode and Soorty, exclusively for the Kingpins Show. Over a century since its inception, the spirit of the timeless jumpsuit lives on, now reimagined for the modern world. Soorty, a global denim manufacturing powerhouse dedicated to producing responsible denim at scale, has partnered with the renowned zero waste designer Decode to bring TwoTa to life.

In 1920, Thayaht revolutionized the fashion landscape with his design, inspired by the winds of change sweeping across post-war Europe. Born out of necessity and creativity, the jumpsuit transcended elitist fashion norms, embracing simplicity and accessibility for all.


Today, as we join forces to craft TwoTa, we honor Thayaht's pioneering vision while embracing the ethos of sustainability and zero waste. In a world where conscious consumption is paramount, we uphold responsible manufacturing with every stitch of the TwoTa. For the project, we selected one of Soorty’s best-selling authentic character denim fabrics, Splash ZWW Classic Blue - a rigid fabric that blends SOCI and Second Life PCWTM, Soorty’s own organic and recycled cotton. The dyeing and finishing of the fabric were conducted using our unrivaled Zero Waste Water technology, which reduces water usage by an average of 90% compared to conventional methods. The breathable fabric is light and airy, offering ease of wear, while showcasing a bright blue color that empowers Thayaht’s vision of color choice. A zero waste pattern was engineered by Decode for the garment production.


TwoTa embodies a fusion of heritage and innovation, marrying timeless design with contemporary sensibilities.


We invite you to join us in celebrating a new chapter in the story of the jumpsuit. A chapter defined by sustainability, inclusivity, and a reverence for the pioneering spirit that continues to inspire us all.

3D Garments of the Collection

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