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Like finding pictures in the clouds

A creative collaboration by Soorty x ORNMNTNCRM, using artificial intelligence tools to explore, both virtual and IRL, the infinite possibilities of our favourite material—denim!

The digital collection was imagined by ORNMNTNCRM’s Volker Ketteniss and generated with the help of the popular open-source AI, Stable Diffusion. As a responsible manufacturer of denim and jeans at scale, Soorty is excited to be working at the very forefront of a new chapter in the fashion industry, where technology and creativity walk hand in hand to build a new future. We believe, this reality opens a door to a fresh, future forward approach with infinite design possibilities.

Two designs selected from the collection were realized into physical garments, using Soorty’s state-of-the-art, vertical manufacturing infrastructure utilizing a highly responsible fabric base and smart processes.

Soorty_160323__D2_021_0058 2.jpg

A method of reverse engineering - defining materials and processes after seeing the garment design - was used to ensure the end looks are in their complete potential. The AI generated garment design was dreamed to have conscious, draped yet strong silhouette with an authentic denim character which reflected on the fabric choice - Ivy, from Soorty’s new collection, woven with a blend of Cotton and Tencel™. A clean finish was chosen to accentuate and highlight the multiple design details of the garments.


Working with designers who use generative AI tools will challenge the status quo and help manufacturers to stay ahead of the game, enabling them to produce more innovative and unique designs that stand out in the marketplace, and organically fostering increased brand recognition and customer loyalty.

A selection of AI generated denim looks from the collection:

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