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Soorty, in collaboration with The LYCRA Company, introduces a groundbreaking denim technology born from real consumer needs and desires: ShapeSync

Inspired by the insights of women around the world, Soorty’s journey began by exploring the concept of the perfect fit – a quest to understand what it means to wear jeans that look good and feel comfortable. The thorough research conducted the intimate relationship between women and their jeans, uncovering expectations, frustrations, and motivations. It revealed that women from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles share a common desire for comfort, confidence, and effortless style in jeans that embrace their individuality. And Soorty mastered ShapeSync with new LYCRA® FitSenseTM Denim technology.


ShapeSync introduces a breakthrough shaping technology in denim and jeans that targets specifc areas while setting a new standard. Crafted with precision, ShapeSync embraces every curve. For a sculpted silhouette of the tummy, thighs, legs, rear, and waist, the patented technology adapts to the needs of every wearer offering supreme levels of contouring where desired, and easy stretch everywhere else for ultimate comfort.


Scaled up by Soorty to make the technology accessible for women of all shapes and sizes, the magic lies in the combination of LYCRA® FitSenseTM Denim technology and advanced garment treatments that deliver discreet and invisible support, eliminating the need for additional methods like shapewear.

ShapeSync enables comfortable shaping to become a reality – jeans that are easy to pull on and take off, a customized solution that suits every body type and shape, ensuring the authentic look and feel of denim is retained.


*Soorty is proud to be The LYCRA Company’s exclusive pilot strategic innovation partner in Pakistan, one of the three selected mills globally as an early adopter of the technology, and the only vertical manufacturer on this exclusive project, ensuring the technology is empowering women of all sizes.


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