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AW 2526  

AW2526 collection curated as a harmonious synthesis of innovation, tradition, and education that embodies three distinctive concepts, each with a unique story— Earth, Classic, and Drip.


Connection and Transparency. For the mindful doers.

Amidst our quite busy lives, we yearn for moments outdoors. Earth groups together fabrics and garments that cater to these moments which have become an essential part of a life well-lived. They address the needs of customers with an active lifestyle—whether embracing yoga, pursuing performance-driven activities, or simply relishing wholesome moments.

  • circular raw materials

  • warm and extremely comfortable fabrics

  • reimagining stretch as a performance-enhancing tool


Strength, Simplicity and Timelessness. For those leading trends.

Classic emerges as a timeless expression for a refined audience. It beckons to a sophisticated consumer group who appreciate the finer things in life and possess an acute understanding of high-quality denim.The collection is a tribute to self-confidence, embracing the beauty of aging wisely. Celebrating craftsmanship and the allure of vintage, it comes together as an archive or library of fine clothing. 


  • vintage inspired aesthetics - authentic characters, special slub definitions, classic constructions

  • Influenced by the past, leveraging today's technology

  • made to last


Made for the young & cool of the new generation.

Drip offers experimental constructions, colors and silhouettes that transcend the traditional approach to clothing. With versatile pieces that are generally rich in volumes, which can be worn up and down, it is able to serve both high street and high fashion. 


  • fresh and innovative denim looks with coatings, new colors, compositions, and textures

  • almost no stretch - it is not relevant anymore

  • loose silhouettes and baggy statement pieces

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