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Soorty's Cotton Clubhouse

As a global leading responsible denim producer at scale, we take pride in our vertically integrated setup that enables us to oversee every aspect of denim production, from fibers to finished garments. It empowers us to curate fabrics with unparalleled precision, ensuring that we weave a kinder version of denim with each thread.


Our journey begins with sourcing cotton. The feel, look, and performance of the jeans you are wearing today, their durability, and overall impact all hinge on responsible procurement. Factors such as where and how the cotton grew, its water and carbon footprint, and fiber strength are all elements that shape the fabric.


We dedicate our focus to understanding cotton and invite you to explore our 3 responsible cotton options:

Organic, Regenerative, and Recycled.


Soorty Organic Cotton Initiative

SOCI is a project that embodies our commitment to making positive social and environmental impact. 

Established in 2021 in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan, the Department of Agriculture Extension, and with support from the Laudes Foundation, its mission is to introduce organic farming practices and enhance the quality of life for farmers in Pakistan's Balochistan region.

SOCI has four key objectives:

  • Building capacity for organic cotton.

  • Enhancing livelihoods through financial inclusion, vocational training, with a special emphasis on women.

  • Improving health and education in the area.

  • Designing and maintaining a scalable model for broader impact.

A Snapshot of Our Progress

  • It takes 2-3 years for the conversion to organic. During this transitional period, Soorty fully funded the project. Our dedication has been key to driving this transformation. 

  • We initiated the organic cotton season in 2021, expanded from 850 to 1100+ farmers covering 10K + acres.

  • In 2023, we successfully procured 2420 MT of certified organic cotton, marking the completion of our 3rd year. As we transition into the 4th year of SOCI starting February 2024, we continue to advance our commitment to sustainable practices.

  • 727 MT out of 1,983 MT of cotton procured in the 2nd year harvest was certified organic.

  • We developed a female-centered program with our partner DOCH empowering women with skills and global market access.

#funfact: Honeybees returned to the farms after SOCI initiation.

We take pride in our diverse set of stakeholders.


OCA accelerates the supply & use of organic cotton and collaborates with brands and suppliers, validating the transitional process.

Soorty provides non-GMO seeds through WWF-nominated vendors for safe delivery to the ginning factory.

Control Union certifies SOCI organic cotton with GOTS and OCS.

​Together with our partners, we are building a scalable positive example. We believe that SOCI is a compelling example of SDG17 in action—real partnerships for real goals. 


Explore the Inspiring Journeys of Two SOCI Farmers: Abdul and Aslam.

2.Regenerative Cotton
Healing The Soil To Heal Ourselves 

We are delighted to unveil that following our success with SOCI, we are continuing to engage with farmers, this time to transition to growing regenerative cotton. In partnership with Regenagri, the initiative aims to safeguard the health of the land and the prosperity of its inhabitants and will be a direct source of material for Soorty fabrics.

Why Regenerative Cotton?

​Industrial farming has adversely affected our planet. Conventional agriculture contributes up to 25% of global emissions. These methods not only reduce GHG emissions but also capture more carbon compared to traditional agriculture.


Regeneration begins with a deep understanding of our operations, ensuring relevance of the farm to its surroundings.


We minimize soil disturbance with minimum tillage, and use methods farmers have been using since ancient times to enrich biodiversity.


Keeping the surface covered, integrating livestock and having living roots all year for a harmonious habitat.


  • Our transformative journey began in Apr 2023. 

  • We are collaborating with a community of 1100 small-scale farmers trained through our Farmers Informal Training model, cultivating regenerative cotton.

  • We’re inspiring action via demonstration plots. These educational platforms showcase Regenagri practices, providing visual learning experiences for farmers.

  • With an avg landholding of 4.5 acres / farmer, the project spans approximately 5000 acres, embodying sustainability at scale.

  • We’re anticipating a yield of approx 1225 metric tonnes of lint 

  • We partnered with REEDS Pakistan to implement Regenagri certification standards. The certifying body will be the Control Union.

  • Active inclusion of female farmers ensures diversity and empowerment in our capacity-building initiative.

  • To ensure full transparency, the journey of each bale, along with the geolocation of the farm, will be enabled.

3.Second Life

Denim-to-denim Recycled Cotton Solutions

Second Life is the brand of recycled cotton products under Soorty Enterprises, a revolutionary step towards combating textile waste and reshaping the future of circular manufacturing.

Second Life transforms discarded fabrics into recycled cotton fiber, providing innovative solutions for circular textile manufacturing. Our decades of experience in spinning short regenerative fibers into high-tenacity, quality yarn set us apart. Rigorous tests confirm that Second Life surpasses alternatives in the market in terms of yarn and product strength, contamination visibility after washing, and the overall hand feel of the product.

A final solution to waste

While recycling is a powerful tool to fight textile waste, at Soorty, we see it as part of a comprehensive solution.

Pakistan is one of the largest importers of used clothes and denim and has a significant feedstock supply of both post-consumer and post-industrial waste. Garments that can be repaired and worn again are carefully separated from the recycling process while we take in only what was destined for landfills.

Climate action

In the face of intensified climate disasters, such as the recent floods in Pakistan which have displaced +30M people, climate action has become crucial.

Second Life aims to find balance between growth, sustainability, and coexistence. It not only preserves natural resources and habitats but also fosters a circular economy while creating green jobs.

Save the Date

To learn more about Soorty’s Cotton Clubhouse and explore the future of sustainable denim in person, visit us in SpaceD’s upcoming event in NYC in January 23, 2024 or stay tuned for upcoming events!
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