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Soorty Responsible Cotton Research Hub

Imagined and designed to be as a pilot farm, R&D hub, and a center of education, the Soorty Responsible Cotton Research Hub pioneers sustainable cotton farming, leveraging advanced technologies and responsible agriculture to revolutionize the industry’s cotton and sourcing standards while empowering sustainable fashion.


Situated within walking distance of Soorty's denim mill in Karachi, the hub emerges as a pivotal center for exploring and innovating responsible agricultural practices. Leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies, it fosters reliable cotton cultivation while championing sustainability.

In an age where responsibly sourced and reliable cotton is essential, the Soorty Sustainable Cotton Research Hub will serve as a symbol of sustainable agriculture. Building on the success of the Soorty Organic Cotton Initiative (SOCI) and the Soorty Regenagri Initiative (SRI), the hub will provide invaluable insights and advancements to support these and future initiatives of Soorty.

From smart farming solutions utilizing digital tools to promote data-driven decision-making, to the implementation of no-tillage farming techniques aimed at preserving soil health and reducing erosion risk, the Soorty Sustainable Cotton Research Hub approaches cotton farming holistically, underscoring Soorty's commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, through sustainable practices such as mulching and composting, and the promotion of biodiversity with Myawaki Gardens and Tree Plantations, Soorty aims to adopt an environmentally conscious approach to cotton production.


The Soorty Sustainable Cotton Research Hub is envisioned to be not only a pilot farm but a living platform that will engage various stakeholders across the fashion supply chain.

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