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Our motive when collaborating with the Fabricant was this approach itself. Developing goods that emphasize on the MAKE, USE and RE-USE of things we thought why make waste on the sampling process, when it is all about persevering and protecting what is valuable. With the power of collaboration, and partnering up with the right team, we were able to offer a first to the industry: a 100% digital garment, fully created in 3D, all codes and no fabrics being touched. 


As the concept is all about appreciating the precious limited natural resources our planet offers us, it felt more than natural to present it in a digital fashion. Using the digital craftsmanship along with the uniquely crafted engineering techniques, the collaboration is not wasting any material and using solely data. 


This is an artisan techno approach.


Welcome the future of fashion.


Soorty is thrilled to announce the launch of The World’s First Denim Garment made in collaboration with The Fabricant, an Amsterdam based digital fashion house. The world’s first digital denim garment was prepared as expression of emotion to demonstrate the beauty of the cradle to cradle principle.


Cradle to cradle is the process of returning every single material used back to the soil it came from, through an intricate process of creation and disintegration. This is a design system for developing sustainable products based on circular design. All the raw materials & processes used in the manufacturing of C2C GOLD range are sustainable and certified. 


Soorty’s C2C denim line offers a wide range of circular products; all made in alliance with the cradle to cradle certification requirements; verifying a high standard on:

- Material Health

- Material Reutilization

- Renewable Energy

- Water Stewardship

- Social Fairness

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