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Soorty presents: A seasonless collection

All inclusive denim and jeans - sustainable, genderless, seasonless and innovative.

Designed and crafted by real people, for real people.

Fashion is one of the biggest contributors of climate change, in part due to all the resources used in production and the after effects of clothing ending up in landfills. With tons of clothing thrown away each year after only a handful of uses, our transformation is only natural.


The world is changing. Our awareness on the impact of our is growing.

As Soorty we see DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD. Our premise is to act socially and environmentally responsible at every step of denim and jeans production, and then take some steps further to give back to communities who have been supporting us, so we can do good simply doing what we do the best.


This collection we’re focusing on the change in our perception post pandemic. During this time, we’ve all went through a big self transformation. While some of us could not wait to be back in the high paced rhythm of our lives, some of us bonded with nature so strongly, we literally carry that nature love within us wherever we go now. And considering these major life style changes reflecting to consumer behavior, we designed our trans-seasonal and all inclusive collection to be flexible enough to adapt to them both.

We hence, have two concepts:


Twisted Archives for those who want to live their best city life yet : a journey in time to realize and appreciate the best practices from the past and revisit them with today’s technologies and conscious materials


Call Of The Wild for those who hear the nature calling wherever they are and want to stay connected, loyal and mindful to planet earth with their wardrobe.


- trans-seasonal and responsible denim pieces to build an all year round wardrobe -

- made to last, not thrown away -

- designed for the way we live. made by us, made for us. all of us. -

detailed look at the concepts:

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