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Soorty, Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim company, has opened SpaceD, a creative showroom in New York. 
SpaceD is a collaborative and creative hub that aims to bring collective action, a passion for denim, creativity and innovation together. Soorty has joined forces with some great names like Left Hand Twill, Oak & Acorn, Tencel, Simply Suzette, ISKO and more to create a co-hub US office, showcasing the work and partnerships that these brand have created together and will utilize to continue to make a better future for all with potential projects ahead. 

Soorty’s global presence includes research labs & design studios in the innovation and fashion scenes of the world. Their presence in the US is growing at a successful speed and are happily serving a wider customer portfolio. With the new, larger office in NYC where Soorty will accommodate not only the growing international team but also the increasing number of stakeholders, at a more centrally located hub. 

To kick off the opening, Soorty’s SpaceD showroom hosted a week-long series of programs and workshops during Dec 2021, including Future Possibilities, celebrating The Small Business & Entrepreneurs, Reload in Blue and Future Face. Sustainability, collaborations, and trends will all be discussed along with the chance to meet the partners and hear about new initiatives happening and the collections were showcased. 

All week long, a display of Future Possibilities, was presented over the Denim Curiosity table by Soorty’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Eda Dikmen. Customers and visitors also had the option of having a select vintage archive and trend presentation by Soorty’s creative director, Loren Cronk, as well as the Seasonless Collection by team members. 

With the creative room at a very central location in Flatiron NYC, Soorty will welcome guests and customers to review the recent innovations and developments serving the US market, as well as providing services such as sharing the latest on forecasting trends and demands of the industry along with designing tailor-made capsule collections. This space will also serve as a meeting location for the brands and conscious individuals to actively meet new innovative, game changing creatives, to build valuable collaborations and partnerships in the future. These brands aim to accelerate progress towards a sustainable denim sector, in which denim clothing and fabrics are used smartly and economically, and waste and pollution are kept to a minimum.

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