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SpaceD, January 2024


Soorty recently hosted 2024’s first SpaceD event. The theme of this edition was Sustainable Innovation. 

What is SpaceD?

SpaceD is Soorty’s purpose driven creativity hub located very centrally in Manhattan, NY aiming to bring collective action, passion for denim and innovation together.

SpaceD welcomes brands, supply chain partners, artists, academia, NGOs and individuals to explore the latest advancements in sustainable fashion, particularly in the denim sector. It serves as a dynamic hub for collaborations, discussions, and presentations that push the boundaries of sustainable denim innovation.  

Soorty's Cotton Clubhouse

The denim journey begins with sourcing cotton. Factors such as where & how the cotton grew, its water and carbon footprint all shape fiber strength as well as the fabric look, feel and performance. 

For SpaceD, we prepared Soorty’s Cotton Clubhouse where visitors can explore our three responsible cotton options, Organic, Regenerative, and Recycled through an immersive experience targeting to engage with all five senses - taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch.

The Mills Fabrica NYC Pop-Up

The Mills Fabrica is a solutions platform based in London accelerating innovations for sustainability and social impact. During the event SpaceD, has been a temprorary home for Mills Fabrica in NY, hosting their 4 amazing innovators:

Beyond Remade Reimagined timeless classics using reclaimed textiles, made by long-time vintage lovers Beyond Retro. 
Fibe Making textile fibers from potato waste. The material uses 99.7% less water, no additional land and produces 82% less CO₂ than cotton. 
Xeros A microfibre filtration technology which can be integrated into a washing machines for houses as well as built at a large scale for industry. Filters out +90% of the microfibers.
Circ A pioneering technology that returns polycotton waste back to the raw materials from which it was made. An Earthshot Prize finalist.

Collaboration with Miles Johnson

Soorty and Miles Johnson are enhancing their continuous partnership with capsule collections and more. During the event, Johnson held a specially curated AW2526 trends presentation for Soorty’s guests. 

Nature Coatings

EarthArt is a range of Soorty fabrics redefining sustainable innovation, meticulously crafted from fiber (utilizing Second Life PCWTM, SOCI, LYCRA (R) Ecomade) to finish. The latest addition to the range uses BioBlack TXTM by Nature Coatings, a 100% bio-based, non- toxic and carbon-negative replacement for petroleum-based carbon black. 

During the event, visitors were able to explore the journey of the pigment from wood waste to dyestuff, and explore the products utilizing it.

Wash Design Workshop with HMS

Handmade Stones are 100% recyclable composite stones designed for denim laundry with lowered environmental impact. Advantages include no mining of pumice, the ability to work with cold water, 60x longer user life, and less contamination.

Recently, HMS introduced designer pens aimed at facilitating a better grip on the stone, inspired by insights from a denim designer.
For the event, Soorty x HMS collaboratively crafted a workshop experience. Visitors interested were asked to tap into their inner artists to design unique wash patterns on them using the pens on the raw denim tote bags made by Soorty. 

BioDesign Challange

The BDC offers art and design students the opportunity to envision future applications of biotechnology and engage the public in dialogue about the broader implications of emerging biotech.

Veena Vijayakumar held a small presentation for SpaceD guests, explaining how biotechnology is spreading into every aspect of our lives—from our materials to our everyday products.

Denim Curiosity Table

The Denim Curiosity Table is a uniquely curated display by Soorty that is continuously updated as we implement new smart technologies and materials. It features our responsible materials matrix and the innovative technologies we use to weave responsible denim in an easily understandable manner. 

Designed to be immersive explorations of sustainable denim innovation, the bi-annual SpaceD events are an anticipated gathering of the industry which provides the attendees with the enriching experience to convene with experts and get to know smart innovations which shape the future of denim. 


SpaceD promises to host an evening of exploration, inspiration, and cutting-edge sustainable denim innovation.

Photo Credits: Lisa Kato, Courtesy of Soorty.

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