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A reform to revise what the outdated traditions bring.
Designed and curated with real people in mind.
Fluid, timeless, adjustable and on time.

With fashion weeks losing influence, the clear line between seasons blurring and climate changing more frequently than ever before our needs do so too. It is time to focus on what is necessary and take a meaningful action where we, the fashion community, disrupt ourselves to overhaul the existing system.

Waves of radical change.
Let’s Stop Pretending and Re-sync.

For decades, the traditional seasonal calendar has served the industry well. Now, with the #climateemergency becoming a reality, the weather changing from blistering heat to heavy rain in a matter of hours or even below zero in a matter of days, do we need seasons in fashion as we used to? With the digital age and ease of access to brands and products from different countries, continents and climates, can we really enforce a certain season to all customers?

Overconsumption kills our planet
- while 30% of clothing ever produced doesn’t hit the retail floor (Ellen MacArthur foundation)
- 30% of clothes in Europeans' wardrobes have not been used for at least a year
- Once discarded, +50% the garments are not recycled, but end up in mixed household waste and are subsequently sent to incinerators or landfill (European Parliamentary Research Service).

All this comes up to a conclusion that the traditional model has literally been extracting natural resources to waste them, and we cannot afford this no longer relevant model. Living the #DecadeOfAction in with extremely harsh experiences like Covid19, lockdowns, wild fires, sand storms, floods and droughts or extreme heat waves, each of us have a responsibility to be more conscious, more careful and more mindful. This is the age of a global awakening, abandoning the norm and embracing change right now is necessary for a transition towards a brighter future of our industry.

A much needed reset. Time to slow down -

At Soorty, we see DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD. This resonates in multiple routes in our business as usual, and one of the key points is how we design collections. We are welcoming a radical shift in our production cycle towards minus zero waste to transform the supply chain into a value chain by producing meaningful offers, not more. We are determined to keep our impact positive with the choices we make. We see the seasonal calendar an outdated model and define ourselves an opportunity of catering and caring more by producing, using and extracting less.

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