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Earlier in 2018, we’ve welcomed our friends Robin, Jason, Koen and Bert to NASDA Innovation Lab in Çorlu, Turkey for a very beautiful and exciting project. As Soorty we love working with influencers who use their voice for the better future of our industry, friends who are truly passionate about the world of denim and magic of indigo. 


At Soorty we believe in being a global force with local solutions. Offering different operations and strengths around the world is enabling us to share our World of Denim to denim enthusiasts worldwide, be globally local. This was the main driver of our exciting project. Our journey started in NASDA Design Studio in Amsterdam. Here, as the initial step, we came together with them to get a clear understanding of what they have in mind. We've presented a selection of fabrics from the SS2020 collection that would meet our friends' needs and wants.  After a clear briefing to the NASDA creative team on the collections they’d like to develop and the final looks they’d like to achieve, joint studies were made between our teams in the Netherlands, Turkey and Pakistan for the following steps. Moving towards the final look everyone likes to achieve; the design process took on, and we’ve matched the looks with selected fabrics for each one. Finally, and most importantly, we’ve defined all the little details that will make these collections oh so special!


After all the sessions in Amsterdam we headed to Turkey. An hour drive from Istanbul, NASDA INNOVATION LAB has the full machinery set up for jean production - from pattern to cutting, sewing to laser along with complete dry and wet processes and e-flow for the sustainable chain. NASDA Innovation Lab is all about experimenting, experiencing and finding out what inspires you on your journey to develop your very own, extremely custom made collections. And that is exactly what we’ve done with our friends. Using denim as our canvas, we have crafted unique stories for each one; developing a total look that they desire. 

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