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Created using TENCEL™ lyocell innovated by nature fibers, the Reload in Blue collection is designed around well-being, connectivity and conscious choices through loungewear and hybrid clothing with sustainable solutions. 

The core idea came from the hard experience we have all had to endure during the pandemic and being a learning process for so many people in the world. Clothing is yet another reminder of this unintended yet undeniable transformation. This collection embraces a capsule of stay-at-home clothing that offers a better feeling and looks compared to PJs as well as work out athleisure sets of denim proving what a versatile fabric it can be when utilizing the correct materials and designed for purpose and hybrid clothing that will simply be the right mix between style and practicality. The exceedingly comfortable and elegant collection from Soorty and TENCEL™ Lyocell, is crafted with the finest materials to offer a space to enjoy and boost productivity. While continuing to define a new normal, there should not be a choice between city life and comfort, and both can be mutually inclusive. 


While work attire continues in relaxed dressing, tactile luxurious special feeling fabrics and consciously engineered blends offer an elevated simplicity within our very own ultra-soft cocoons we have discovered. Therefore, product development and design for purpose was key for the Reload in Blue capsule - using nature’s gifts in the correct blend for an ultimate composition weaving fabrics that speak for comfort, sustainability, consciousness, and style. 

TENCEL ™ Lyocell comes from Lenzing’s certified fiber production and is environmentally responsible and biodegradable. TENCEL™ Lyocell is a fiber of botanic origins, produced from sustainably sourced wood with certifications using closed-loop, environmentally responsible process. From jeans and shirting to accessories and athleisure, the recycled material creates apparel with a lower impact.

Soorty and Lenzing, two companies that normally have a supplier-buyer relationship moving out of their daily rhythm to join forces deliver a message much needed to be heard: “collective action and collaborative effort is what we need to drive the change for the better. We’ve designed, dreamed, and produced Reload in Blue to be a welcoming collection, and this was reflected to every detail of the collection - from fiber blends of the fabrics to style choices, from the washes to the care labels that give hints on how to extend products’ lifecycle, every detail was driven by purpose. Being a strong believer of partnerships and SDG17, Soorty knows that only by working together with those we share values with, only by really understanding each other’s struggles and advantages and helping where needed, we can transform our supply chain into a value chain. Reload In Blue and our partnership with TENCEL™ has been an invaluable example of this.” — Eda Dikmen, Marketing & Communications Manager, Soorty Enterprises

“Globally we have been facing such challenging times. Reload in Blue represents the current ethos where we need to recharge our lives with goodness. The feeling from within is reflected in the choices we made in apparel. The rich emotion of denim connects to the best moments of life which Reload in Blue brings together.”  — Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development, Lenzing.

The collaboration combines the revolutionary and naturally innovative materials of TENCEL™ Lyocell with Soorty’s purpose-driven mindset and vertical capabilities. Designed in NY and produced in Çorlu, Turkey, it also taps into a true passion for fashion solutions that never sacrifice looking good while upping their responsibility and sustainability game. Being truly at the forefront of sustainability, inclusivity, technology, and education, both brands are always evolving and launching different initiatives that focus on a responsible transformation of the industry.

Soorty and Lenzing welcome guests and customers to view the tailor-made capsule collection at their new creative room in Flatiron NYC, SpaceD as well as the Lenzing offices in the Garment Center, NYC. The brands aim to accelerate progress towards a sustainable denim sector, in which denim clothing and fabrics are used smartly and economically, and waste and pollution are kept to a minimum.

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