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The Circular Denim Collection
by Soorty x Miles Johnson



Soorty, in collaboration with renowned designer Miles Johnson—a visionary who has previously contributed to creative roles at iconic brands such as Levi Strauss and Patagonia—proudly presents ORBIT. Featured in numerous publications, including a recent spotlight in Rivet Magazine, ORBIT is a groundbreaking venture into circularity that epitomizes our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Crafted with meticulous attention to circularity from fiber to finish, ORBIT integrates premium materials such as Renewcell’s Circulose, cotton sourced from the Soorty Organic Cotton Initiative (SOCI), and denim-to-denim recycled fibers from Soorty’s Second LifeTM program in its core but versatile silhouettes. Currently featuring eight designs, including a sleeveless denim jacket, multiple pairs of jeans, a circle skirt, carpenter pants, and more, ORBIT reflects a fusion of classic denim aesthetics with modern and unconventional styles. Miles Johnson drew inspiration from the timeless silhouettes and styles of the 1960s, blending his own archival pieces with those from the Soorty archives.


To convey the essence of ORBIT, we crafted a comic book narrating its journey inspired by pop-art, particularly Roy Lichtenstein. The branding showcases a vibrant red, blue, and yellow label on the pants, proudly proclaiming, "Denim optimized for the future."

Beyond its current offerings, we envision ORBIT as evolving into a dynamic ecosystem of circular products, fostering a dialogue between consumers and creators. It is not merely a collection of garments; it's about setting a new standard for circular fashion. Together, we embark on a journey towards a more sustainable future—one stylish step at a time. Join us as we redefine denim for generations to come.

3D Garments of the Collection

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