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At Soorty we define ourselves as engineers at heart with a need to be restorative by design.


Our canvas, denim, has evolved with humanity over the years, witnessing multiple shifts as technology, politics, culture, mindset, climate and social norms changed and reflected as habits, wants, needs, trends as well as what we expect from our wardrobes.

Fashion goes beyond clothes. Style is a way of self expression.

This collection, we are taking a closer look into this journey we’ve been having. Doing so we not only see how much we’ve accomplished but also construct where we still want to be in the days to come as we aim to better ourselves and gain resilience with purpose.

Our collection has 3 concepts:



a concept where we quite literally went digging in our archives, and took inspiration from there.


Our first concept, GO WITH THE ARCHIVES explores heritage as a source of knowledge which express the power of human creativity and innovation through ages.

The denim fabric is quite literally interwoven with culture. Progressing with time, owning jeans we feel comfortable in always had a lot to do with subcultures and definition of self.


Learning from the past, utilizing our most recent assets, techniques, technologies is how we shape the future as we weave and construct the vintage of tomorrow.

Forward Thinking Design, Inspired by our Cultural Past.



a concept honoring the past while using the best materials and technologies of our day to design the vintage of tomorrow.

This is where we re-engineer timeless classics.


Following a phase where time has both stretched and condensed, disappeared and weighed heavy, we utilize considered design as a tool to polish time-honored classics with responsible technologies so they make sense and be relatable, unlocking purpose.

Modern. Practical. Creative.
High Quality. Longevity. Durability.

TWISTED ARCHIVES is a collection of wardrobe essentials reinvented - clear, classic, timeless pieces that perform right

and add value.



our final concept exploring the fantastic future.
With the impact of the digital age and climate crisis, we feel the urge to be conscious futurologists who encapsulate & deliver new possibilities via technical and functional ergonomics connectivity.


Creative, experimental, and collaborative, we are pushing boundaries to use resources in the most effective way, challenging the norms, mixing old & new ideas, technologies to create solutions that have never been seen before.


Clashing tradition and innovation.
Technology advancing pioneering looks.
Time proven, naturally interesting design details.

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