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In a culture so obsessed with new, how can we design clothes that lend themselves to longevity in both the physical and psychological realm?


Over consumption and rapid discarding of products have been barriers to a more responsible fashion world. 

According to the EU Hub, over 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design phase of a product and we could not agree more. 

As Soorty, we believe we need more than clothes that only look good nowadays, looking, feeling and doing good with our fashion choices is a valid option, and we’re trying to scale it up.


Longevity as a mindset,

design as a tool.

inspired from the circular patterns of nature, treasuring the resources we are using, to make clothing that will last, be owned and loved yet can be repurposed when need be.

Woven with carefully selected materials and vigorous construction processes to increase product life-spans, we curated our Longevity concept. 

Crafted to be a canvas for jeans that will last and not be thrown away - Durable. Responsible. Made to Last. 

Designed for purpose, our Longevity concept aims to decrease one’s impact on fashion’s contribution to textile waste via functional and emotional durability.

Built stronger,
to last longer,
need to be replaced less often,
creating less waste.

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