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our denım love story

As Soorty, we see DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD. Being one of the biggest denim and jeans producers globally, we produce at scale and we realize that this comes with a big impact - an impact on our planet, on societies and on our future. We are determined to keep our impact a positive one, and we continuously define ourselves opportunities to do social and environmental good with doing what we do - producing denim fabrics and garments people will feel and look good in. 

We use data-driven transparency as our guide.
We are working with Green Story on a full scope Life Cycle Analysis of our products, showing how and why making smart denim purchases can help us all, in our responsible journey.
We’re starting off with these two best seller items and are excited to expand this further following a detailed, comprehensive study. Scroll down to see the positive impacts of these products:

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