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Munich Fabric Start, being one of the game building exhibitions of our industry, always manages to bring together denim lovers from around the world to share products, developments and values as we build on the future by simply being more than a show - showcasing one of a kind pieces in the trend area, hosting panels with valuable names on issues so important for the wellbeing of the industry and our planet, and Keyhouse; the zone dedicated to innovation and technology - always pushing us, participants, to go a step further.


For the last two years, Soorty is proudly part of the Keyhouse; launching groundbreaking innovations that are first in the world. In 2018, we our guests were welcomed to see the C2C GOLD Certified™ line via The World’s First Digital Denim Garment - showing Soorty’s vision for the future of fashion.  The digital denim garment was prepared as expression of emotion to demonstrate the beauty of the cradle to cradle principle with an artisan techno approach and being a first in the world, it gained interest from visitors all around the world; welcomed with joy and enthusiasm.


In 2019, we’ve introduced not one but two projects that define the denim of the future;

-The recycled denim collection: In a world where only 1% of old clothing is recycled into new garments; Soorty’s state of art waste recycling plant reutilizes 40% of our cutting table waste; saving 75 TONS of virgin fiber each month. In addition, we collaborate with I:CO to maximize our efforts in recycling, giving old jeans another chance. Our recycled denim fabrics family of different compositions, weights, elasticity levels that will cater all your needs; with blend contents varying from 5% all the way up to 99%

-FIX-D: The World’s First Water-free Garment Dyeing Technology, a key and lock innovation by Soorty. With conscious consumerism evolving and advancements in technology, the supply chain finally celebrates a long-awaited aspirational change. FIX-D is not only respectful to our planet’s limited resources but also offers fully responsible results; which are laser ready, enabling to serve the needs of the market.


Rewarding our perspective and commitments towards technology and creativity, we have gladly received the High Tex award of innovation during these blue days, thanks to our big family of dedicated, creative teams full with compassion towards their job.

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