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Soorty has recently joined forces with Jean School Amsterdam, the world’s first and only jean school, on a collaborative project that questions “can waste be beautiful” bringing industrial knowledge, capabilities and access together with the creativity and fresh minds of the very talented international class. The collaboration was kicked off with a beautiful workshop in Soorty's Amsterdam office in January 2020, and it will be a year-long project that aims to discover market insight, consumer wants and needs as well as curating custom made solutions and letting go of daily-routine thinking and finding out of the box, new approaches to a long existing issue.  


The international students, future designers of our industry, joined Soorty team for an engaging session where they were introduced to Soorty's MINUS ZERO WASTE concept. We've talked about possible responsible initiatives that can contribute to a collective positive impact on our planet, including recycling, reusing and repurposing what is already produced. An open discussion platform was prepared where participants questioned their consumption habits, and what the market offers as well as their observations. The follow up will be a market research project to have a deeper insight on consumption in Amsterdam - one of the most denim and sustainability conscious cities.  


The Jean School is located in Amsterdam, the denim capital of the world with the largest density of denim brands - in other words there is a constant need in the city for denim talent and skills. It provides an intensive education on denim teach  the craftsmanship of denim design and development to its students in a fully equipped environment. Hence, as a continuation, the project will follow up with “remaking” Soorty’s existing inventory.  


We, at Soorty, produce collections and samples for our customers each collection. Some of these are being selected by our clients while the rest are left over. Inline with our MINUS ZERO WASTE approach, we make multiple use of these pieces that are not being selected for collections - donation, reuse, recycling are some while we also strive to discover boundaries of creativity on how to remake them. The Jean School students will contribute to this remake project - each have chosen pieces from our archive that includes samples and left overs from earlier collections. They will use their creativity and learnings to re-make these into new pieces.

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