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ITGWO is a small but influential boutique festival on the Dutch Island of Vlieland presenting art, music and sustainable innovations. Sustainability is the key driver of the festival and through multiple smart solutions, like solar powered batteries to power up the music system, responsible transportation of visitors, or almost zero waste reduction, the festival ensures a low carbon footprint.


Soorty was happily one of the main sponsors of ITGWO 2019 in the blue blue denim activation corner. 


The Denim Curiosity table was set during the event, presenting the different responsible options of raw materials and manufacturing methods, to take the visitors on a journey of ethical denim value chain.  Designed as a very clear and simplified journey of denim production; this is a hands-on experience where visitors can touch, feel and play with different materials and see how it reflects to what they wear as well as the use of limited resources. 


While the festival staff were wearing beautiful denim aprons made from recycled denim; the visitors who wanted to keep a memory also did purchase the jackets we’ve designed for the ITGWO x Soorty Collaboration - woven from a high recycled blend, made with love and care, washed very briefly.

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