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HumAIn 2.0


Our focus with the AI creations lay on all the different facets of denim. We want to share with the world what we see when we look through the looking glass of AI. 

Soorty's AI-generated denim collection, HumAIn, made in a creative collaboration with ORNMNTNCRM, launched in the US on July 18 at Soorty’s next SpaceD event with an exclusive workshop designed specifically for professionals at the forefront of the denim industry. For this new chapter of the on-going journey, Soorty has also partnered with the Denim Dudes to explore a plethora of innovative ideas in order to create a new language of design and innovation for the denim world. Later in the same week, the same set-up will be open for display during Kingpins NY.


The Denim Dudes create future forecast stories each season to guide the denim industry on emerging silhouettes, styles, and market trends. Working closely with them and ORNMNTNCRM’s Volker Ketteniss we’ve fed the AI with this information, resulted in a fascinating exercise. The AI was given with Denim Dudes’ FW24/25 story, Avant Y2K' which is in itself a modern interpretation of the past. The possibilities generated by the AI were seemingly endless, some of which led us down unexpected paths while others presented innovative ideas we hadn't considered before.  From this unique world created by the AI, together we’ve selected 10 of looks which were then realized into physical garments utilizing Soorty’s highly responsible denim fabrics and state-of-the-art, vertical manufacturing infrastructure.


As a responsible manufacturer of denim and jeans at scale, Soorty is excited to be working at the very forefront of a new chapter in the fashion industry, where technology and creativity walk hand in hand to build a new future.

To celebrate this second chapter in HumAIn's journey, Soorty has crafted denim tote bags accentuated with AI generated artwork lasered on them. These art pieces contain meta references, featuring Amy Leverton's beloved cat, Dude, and Shannon Reddy's cherished dog, Jaxx. Each of these bags is a unique masterpiece, with a limited release of 50.

These garments are AI-generated. They are part of HumAIn, Soorty’s denim collection featuring a human x AI collaboration.

Photos from the SpaceD event which hosted an open house AI workshop with Volker Ketteniss and Denim Dudes.

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