Soorty’s vision for the future of denim unveiled where beauty and technology converge through four interactive seminars, each addressing the challenges and beauty of our industry; and the abundance of the future. 


Soorty has become a part of the Denim City family in 2019 and we currently are working on further ecosystem engagement full with organizations and occasions to get together with denim loving friends, that will not only get our hands blue but also discover the future together. The kick off is the series of FUTURE POSSIBILITIES by Soorty seminars.


The FUTURE POSSIBILITIES by Soorty Seminars will be held every 2 months in Denim City; each covering a certain topic and answering a question, where we engage with cross industry experts to address the challenges and the beauty of our industry:



 DESIGN & CREATIVITY (06 March, 2020)

 SOCIAL & HUMANITY (29 May, 2020)


We've started off with the Design and Innovation theme, where our valuable guests will be be answering is: 

“How can innovation and design beautify our world?”


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