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A denim collection led by a vision of sustainable fashion, crafting denim that not only looks great but also contributes to a healthier industry and a greener planet.


Each pair of jeans in this collection was crafted & designed to withstand trends and be cherished for years to come.


With denim threads, we weave a story of responsibility to drive a positive change for the future of fashion. Each fabric and garment within represents a conscious choice to support a healthy denim industry and protect this beautiful planet we call home.

Our collection has three main concepts:

Embracing Nature,

Empowering Adventure


A denim concept curated for a world where consciousness for the environment and society reign supreme.

Redefine industry standards with a collection that is conscious from fiber to finish.

. fluidity and versatility for high performance, blurring the lines between sportswear & denim
. high quality, durable clothes that are made with love, made to last

. blends with SOCI, Second Life PCW, Circulose, Linen, Tencel™
. traceable transparency
. processes designed for purpose



. space for movement
. catering to a diverse range of needs & lifestyles
. technicality with alternative silhouettes

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Redefining Timeless Denim

In a world where trends come and go, one thing remains—the classic Americana & traditional jeans wear. 

Denim, with its rich heritage and timeless appeal, has stood the test of time. Now, it is time to create the future's vintage by preserving the essence of timeless jeans while making them relatable to the modern consumer.

. the charm of aged denim
. heritage character and authenticity
. every detail - from processes designed to react well with the fabric base, silhouettes that celebrate

  timelessness, and carefully selected trims to labeling - speaks denim culture
. a fabric that lives - moves, evolves, and gains character over time
. made to enhance the wear experience - contrast for all & more
. new slub definitions,
. rain-like streaky characters

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Made by us, Made for us

A daring collection for the new generation who embraced denim with confidence and a sense of humor, breaking free from the conventional norms.Celebration of individuality for customers who seek more than just a garment but look for character, substance, and brands that resonate with their identity.


. flamboyant & fun innovations

. capturing the essence of uniqueness as each fabric becomes a canvas of expression, reflecting the wearer's

  personality with a dazzling flair

. oversize silhouettes that blur the lines between his and hers

. fabrics made to be garments speaking out the inclusive spirit of the modern world

. break free from norms by fearlessly innovating

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