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Women in Denim



A very exciting project with beautiful denim loving ladies of voice. We came together with these charming, inspiring and talented ladies for a beautiful partnership that will question the cons and pros of being a lady in our loved, yet a very male dominated world. 


There are millions of us all over the world: designers, wash specialists, weavers and store owners, all making a difference and shaping the denim of tomorrow. Over the next few months this collaborative project between Soorty x Denim Dudes will be interacting with a number of these women on a number of projects; delving into the lives of industry experts, unsung hero’s and drivers of positive change. 


The kick off was done in our New York office. We’ve started the day with a presentation of our company, and all the efforts Soorty takes in under privileged parts of the world, to change things for good, for the better future we all deserve. Later we had a presentation of fabrics and collections, because eventually all the ladies will be reflecting their personal style in self designed outfits and looks, with hand made pieces of love.


Stay tuned to hear more about the project for the further steps. 

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