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Indigo is the color of memory. A passion. And as all things loved, the joy of experiencing gets bigger when shared. 


We have celebrated the end of the Blue Week in Denim Days 2018 with a natural indigo dyeing workshop, in collaboration with our friends from Blue Print Amsterdam. Visitors of all age, who share a common passion and love towards indigo, had the joy and fun of experiencing indigo dyeing. We had beautiful scarves from natural blended fabrics, prepared in advance marking the date and the collaboration. Guests was offered the joy of getting their hands blue and hand dyeing their own scarves. The longer the dip, the darker was the indigo… and it was just lovely to see everyone designing their own, one of a kind piece, just the way they wanted it.


Blue Print Amsterdam offers authentic crafts in a contemporary way - using only natural indigo and the most sustainable materials... and this simply is the reason why this partnership was as valuable and fun as it was .. a joint love towards the blues. The best kind of it.

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