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Soorty Joins the CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network, Reinforcing Commitment to Circular Fashion Solutions

Soorty is proud to announce its membership in the recently launched CIRCULOSE® Supplier Network (CSN). The CSN, spearheaded by Renewcell, a textile recycling innovator, comprises 47 yarn & textile producers committed to driving the circular economy forward by ensuring a steady supply of CIRCULOSE® to the market.


Circular solutions are essential for the fashion industry's sustainability and ethical development, and Soorty is at the forefront of offering such solutions. As part of the CSN, Soorty is now able to provide a consistent supply of RCS certified CIRCULOSE® to its customers. This membership further strengthens Soorty's dedication to transforming its supply chain into a value chain and consistently improving circular solutions through responsible innovation.


Soorty's approach to circularity in fashion extends far beyond its involvement in the CSN. For years, Soorty has utilized post-consumer waste (PCW) and post-industrial waste (PIW) in its fabric developments. With continuous investments in spinning technology and extensive expertise in denim making, Soorty possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field. By leveraging this expertise, Soorty offers recycled fiber solutions through its recycling initiative, Second Life. These solutions employ high-quality materials and smart processes that compliment the design for purpose mindset which prioritizes longevity and durability in Soorty's products.


Additionally, Soorty actively monitors, controls, and optimizes its own impact on the environment and society and besides their partnerships with globally renowned sustainability groups, they’re also developing our own calculator to further enhance their LCA studies and ensure to provide sustainable innovation via data driven information,


Soorty's wide range of purpose-designed products reflects its commitment to conscious materials and processes. By utilizing these products, consumers can make informed and purpose driven sustainable choices while enjoying fashionable and durable clothing.

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