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Soorty has collaborated with two well-known and respected influencers of the denim industry to recreate their jeans and fades towards the end of 2019 spread the word about responsible manufacturing methods and available options in denim production via a very interesting project: recreating their favorite jeans and fades with the most sustainable materials and methods available.  


Aiming to design a collaborative project that is informative, transparent and fun at the same time; the documentary series reflected Denimhunters and Long John’s personal experiences with their loved pairs of jeans as well as their journey in the collaboration as Soorty’s Innovation Lab, NASDA, recreated their favorite jeans & fades using only the most responsible raw materials and production methods available.  


All the pre-washing in denim started with consumers’ demand towards owning worn-in looks fresh out from stores rather than patiently waiting their raw jeans into personal, unique patterns. While raw enthusiasts around the world are indeed quite big in numbers, the majority of the demand goes towards the “already washed” looks. Multiple finishing methods were developed to answer this demand over the years; some with very high impacts on our planet while others are much more environmentally friendly. Technology and a environmentally responsible attitude are true enablers of sustainable production that respects our limited resources as well as societies and people at the backstage. There are multiple options available across the value chain to make not only beautiful but also responsible denim pieces.  


The Soorty x Denimhunters x Long John collaboration highlights these options and reflect them to the denim community transparently. The interest was quite large and quick. We had the honor of screening the video in Munich Fabric Start February 2020 edition with the denim community who came together in Munich. It has been three days full of beautiful denim fabrics, trends, innovations, creativity and denim enthusiasm; and our video has been screened in both Bluezone, followed up with a talk and in Keyhouse.

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