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Plot 26, Sector 23, Korangi Industrial Area,
Karachi 74900, Pakistan


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+92 21 35061912 ( 7 Lines )
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Meet the ladies: The Four Inspiring Entrepreneur Women from our Industry whom we’ve collaborated with.

For our precious project we’ve came together with four entrepreneur ladies, Ani Wells (@simplysuzette), Alexis Colby (@bitofdenim), Harmony Hendrickx (@ckxstudio) and Maria Gunnarson (@amkatelier), each with a voice and incredible skills, a huge passion for what they do and very unique tastes.

All these women positively influence on their followers, which is another reason why we’ve wanted to join forces on a project so precious with them. While they all have a strong sense of purpose and a strong design aesthetic; they are all striving towards a brighter future for our industry.

For the project, each dudette was asked to design her own outfit which will be produced in NASDA. This article by Amy Leverton covers our collective story as well as a deeper look towards our guests’ choices, designs and styles. Enjoy!