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Every innovation has a story. What inspires you? NASDA Innovation Lab by Denim Dudes

NASDA INNOVATION LAB is Soorty’s experimental innovation hub. Less than an hour drive from Istanbul, NASDA welcomes global designers, buyers, students and denim enthusiasts to co-create unique collections and craft stories under the guidance of our professional denim experts. It has the full machinery set up for jean production - from pattern to cutting, sewing to laser along with complete dry and wet processes and e-flow for the sustainable chain.

Moving from the idea towards realization, we have conducted design meetings in our NYC office to come together with the ladies of our Women In Denim Project. Following that, we've shared inspirations and moodboards and finally getting out to the NASDA lab in Çorlu where Ani, Maria, Harmony and Alexis all got to see their garments being made and do some realtime customisations of their own. This article by Denim Dudes reflects how we approach innovation, what NASDA is built for and how it contributes Soorty provide exceptional services on the global level.