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Amsterdam is our haven for collaborative gatherings with multiple stakeholders. Denim industry is thriving here with influencers who have a genuine taste and passion for their denim and jeans and it is great to be connecting so that we can learn from each other.


For us, each project starts with a dream and then takes much needed combined efforts; which is only possible with a love for the product.


Our business partners and friends from the industry were invited during the week of Open Days we’ve held at our Amsterdam Office, to join us in a relaxed, a laid back environment. Together, we had the chance to go through our Denim Curiosity Table that enables visitors to see, feel and experience responsible manufacturing methods and raw materials that go into denim production.


We’ve also invited influencers, who received their custom, hand made pair of selvedge jeans with their initials at the cuff, at our Amsterdam Office. 


After the unwrapping we went into conversation about denim and exchanged ideas about the future of denim fabrics as well as learning about the uniqueness of each ones taste. The project involved designing a jacket for each of the participants. The project presents an ongoing discussion/ collaborative design approach to define the beauty and share it with our stakeholders. 


Our Open Days Amsterdam gatherings will continue.

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