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A new need was born as the time we spend indoors increased - ultimate comfort accompanied with keeping safe and feeling cozy and stylish at the same time. Loungewear is having a major comeback since the beginning of the lockdowns, and months later, while designing our own individual new normals, we still tend to spend more time indoors than we did before.

Soorty’s Loungewear Collection is a reflection of fabric research and innovation based on these needs, focusing purely on comfort via the meticulously selected material, silhouettes, trimmings and finishes. Excelling product design, where what you wear is not only about how it looks like but also about what it feels like, the collection was carefully engineered to cater the needs of different consumer groups with a wide product portfolio of tops and bottoms that will make you feel cozy, wearing beautiful denim and enabling to incorporate casual wear for a new type of working lifestyle. 

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