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Image by Nick van den Berg

“The best way to predict the future is to design it”.  

Buckminster Fuller

The Emergency Greenhouse, Living Tailors


This is your personal greenhouse. It is easy to move, pack, carry and adaptable structure.


This device is easy to be used by anyone, following the simple steps of its assemblage and creating the correct atmosphere for the 

plants’ grow.


And it wears the coolest jeans you’ve seen so far. It repurposes recycled plastic sheets and leftover fabrics of Soorty Enterprises which were once waste.

Back then - just 80 years ago - your HOME was different. You had to CHANGE the lands you inhabit, in order to re-start the harvesting. The conditions you are living in are nothing like you’re used to. There are no systems providing all that you need from an organized network. You have to provide your basic needs all by YOURSELF.


The rural, pastoral, humble and simple way of life this device is encouraging, is the art-project addressing and provoking that we must learn from our past to take actions for the future.With the unity of the basic form of shelter with contemporary expansion of denim material usage, we address the unity of all of us, the residents of Earth, to design together. By simulating the extreme conditions, we raise awareness and motivate the single user to take action from the small scale to make a significant change.

Soorty presents a big case of scale with 70M meters & 40M pieces. Being aware of the fact that we have a big impact on our planet and communities we serve to, we take sustainability and responsible manufacturing as the main driver of all our actions - from product design to innovations search, spinning, denim production or garment finishing to communication. We look at circularity not only as zero waste but minus zero waste.


We are engineers and designers at heart with a need to be restorative and regenerative by design. Design thinking and product development are key points of our responsible production. With conscious consumerism evolving and advancements in technology, the fashion supply chain starts to celebrate a long-awaited aspirational change. Sustainability is a big journey and collaboration is the name of the game here. The different players of different industries should join forces in all possible ways as we define future possibilities. Hence we are very incredibly happy, glad and proud to be collaborating with Living Tailors on this beautiful project that aims to create awareness on current global consumption habits by focusing on alternative future scenarios.

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