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Designed to reinforce women empowerment, Soorty Enhancing Women Service (SEWS) aims to increase both the participation rate and the employability of women, particularly in productive industries like ours.


The empowerment and autonomy of women is essential for sustainable development - of families, communities, industries and across ecosystems, for a better future.


The SEWS program, which is conducted in collaboration with UNDP (United Nations Development Program), Sustainability Agents (Berlin-based consulting consortium specialized in gender issues), Karachi Govt. Polytechnic Institute for Women and Thespianz Theater Group, operates to improve women’s social, political, economic and health statues and policy-making strength as well as to sensitize men towards the social, fiscal and family benefits of female employment and make them a partner in women empowerment.


- Increased capacity and skillset for women

- Increased opportunities for employment consequent to increase in skills

- Increased earnings for females

- Increased mobility for females and expansion of public sphere

- Increased female representation in family decision-making 

- General improvement in local social indicators and communal roles





For Soorty, environmental responsibility is not limited to responsible sourcing and responsible manufacturing methods and innovations that make more and better use of what is limited. We also embrace the mindset of giving back to nature, who is so generously offering its precious resources to us.

Soorty Forest Rescue Initiative (FRI) was found to increase the tree-cover in Pakistan and reclaim land for agriculture from deserts, alleviating food insecurity. This brings along a cure to the man made intervention on Earth as well as the availability of fresh water in the process of tree planting.

FRI is run with an innovative solution to the decrease of natural resources, which are already limited, rather than relying on inefficient traditional practices.

We currently are partnering with Groasis (a botanical research organization from the Netherlands that has developed an innovative solution to facilitate reforestation) and Forests4All (a non-profit organization working on creating networks for ecological conservation and reforestation).

Both projects are equally valuable, and are reclaiming land for greenery, using a very little amounts of water while increasing productivity and helping us on our carbon negative journey.



care for communities.jpg
care for communities.jpg


Soorty strives to improve the total health and living conditions of the communities we serve to. Not only do we pride ourselves on the opportunities we make available, but we also continuously seek out ways to engage them.

Soorty Lifeworx program was found to invest in the general health of society and facilitate the healthcare needs in poorest economic groups. We help construct healthcare opportunities and procure equipment for specialized medical services. We also do assist our employees in their health care needs.

The program is conducted in partnership by the establishment of Soorty Dermatology Ward and Intensive Care Unit at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center – which is Pakistan’s largest public hospital, Soorty Cardiac Health Facility at the Indus Hospital in Karachi and the Musa-Soorty Center at the SINA-Child Life Foundation




As we strive to improve the total wellbeing of the communities we serve to, Soorty Heart-2-Heart initiative was found to promote safe, sustainable and secured blood donation among our employees.

Being a regular donor not only saves lives when need be, but also encourages individuals with the spirit of giving and sharing while actually assuring them a regular check up opportunity as a side benefit. 

The program is handled in partnership with multiple medical partners including; Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, Patient Aid Foundation, Indus Hospital, Burhani Blood Bank, Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Center and Fatimid Foundation.



care for youth.jpg
care for youth.jpg


We, at Soorty, are looking positively towards a brighter future; which will only be guaranteed by empowerment of kids to better their world. Children are our future and secured education is vital for better days to come.


The right to education is absolutely inline with rights of children adopted by the International Law of Human Rights, and its far reaching effects reflect to both the life and future of a child, as well as the society s/he lives and serves to.


Hence we are conducting multiple education supporting ventures as part of our Citizen Alpha Program such as;

- Soorty Lecture Hall at Habib University – Pakistan’s first liberal arts college
- Soorty Citizen Alpha Academies – Built & funded 3 TCF Schools
- Soorty Tech Lab at NED University

- Soorty Student Outreach Program


The Soorty Citizen Alpha Program aims to invest in the general educational needs of our society while facilitating educational needs of youth from the poorest economic groups. The benefits include and are not limited to helping to construct and financially support to educational facilities, assist our employees by growing skilled individuals which is required to sustain the business and the industry and to encourage healthy University-Industry linkages through internship programs, industry visits,etc.



Working on an assembly line does tend to get repetitive. Introducing our Mandala Art Competition - an art contest giving our workers the chance to express themselves, showcase their creativity and relieve their stress, as they immerse themselves in their creation.
The idea was to inspire them… turns out, it was us who were inspired. In fact, the 3 winners have done such a fabulous job that they will be signing up for the district-level art competition!
Please check out the video and see the remarkable talent at Soorty, and their mind-blowing designs!

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